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The Wines

Grenache, Syrah, 3-4 week vinification, vat raised 12-15 months

2013 No Rating

fair red robe. Low-key, rather flat earth aroma, has a husky side, baking, with caramel and compressed red fruit. There is a hint of hung hare, animal. The palate suggests some Brett, and fails to lift, to fire. It ends on a gummy dryness. 15°. Dec 2015


matt tone in a mid-depth red. Blackberry-leather-garrigue grounding to the nose; has the cooked notes of 2009, is not fresh. The palate is spice-flecked, is not a wine of great potential, seems rather tired already. Steady sort of wine with some local nature. The tannins are a shade rustic and assert on the finish in the manner of 2009. True but limited. From spring 2012. 2017-18 July 2011

2005 ()

this is a compromise assessment: the wine starts well, then declines after aereation, so open it and drink within an hour or so. The robe is a black plum colour. Has a reductive, earthy aroma, with maybe some oak, and blackberry fruit. It becomes a bit damp and foxy with air. There is some richness on the early palate, led by plum flavours, and at first decent depth and balance are on the cards. Tannins that are largely ripe appear. As the air hits it, though, it becomes more gamey and brewed, and shows a rustic side, with the finish drying. 2014-15 June 2008


the dark ruby robe is surprisingly advanced for such a young wine; the bouquet also presents damp forest airs, another evolution, in with its plum fruit. The Grenache seems stretched here: it dries towards the finish, droops as it ends. Sense of leaf mould in the flavour, too. Drink early, country foods. To 2003-04.  April 1999

1996 ()

sound, quite full red; the nose is warm, with the variety of spice mingling with the red stone fruit air. This is evenly weighted wine, is well fruited, and has sound content in support. It is a bit fresher than most this year, aims for style over outright substance. Genuine tannins close it. I like the plump flavour. From late 2000. 2008-10  April 1999