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The Wines

60-80% Grenache, 15-35% Syrah, 5-15% Mourvèdre, Cinsault (the older vines than the Tradition wine) on limestone marl soils at 420 metres on Le Pourra, hand harvested, 6-10 day pre-fermentation crop cooling, from early 2010s part destemmed, wild yeasts only, 4-6 week vinification at 25-30°C, daily pumping overs, concrete vat raised 30-42 months (has been aged large 35 hl barrel 30-42 months), unfined, unfiltered, organic wine, 4,500-14,000 b


(concrete vat) dark, filled robe; the nose has an insistent depth, shows pine, varnish, a solid mass of brewed black fruits, prune, red meat droplets, smokiness. The palate attacks on ample dark fruit flavour, is a little exerted, pumped in the cellar. Grilling pushes forward on the aftertaste. It’s a Big Production, and I find the finish extreme. This will suit a specific market, rather than pleasing widely. The longer the wait, the better – it still has plenty more raising to come. Decant it. 70% Gren, 15% Syr, 15% Mourv. €21 at cellars. From 2023. 2039-41 Feb 2020


(concrete vat) shiny, dark red. Brothy, boiled beef aroma with a high note in the fruit, pickled onions. It needs air, and the palate also show lees, isn’t at all polished as yet. There is good heart, however, with a through make-up that will allow it to age and evolve well, with variety to come. There is vigorous Grenache on the nose, as well as on the palate. It can be a stimulating glass of unbridled Gigondas. 15°. 70% Gren, 18% Mourv, 12% Syrah. From 2022. 2042-44 Oct 2018

2016 ()

(vat) dark robe, a purple rim. The nose leads on red cherries, notes of kirsch, has a firm nature, is tightly sealed. There is a note of black raisin and rosemary, mixed herbs, behind. The palate centres on Grenache red fruits with marked strength in the delivery after half way. It ends in chunky fashion, goes wham! This wears its heart on its sleeve, pulls no punches, is a thorough and genuine Gigondas, with local colour, good heart, almost bulls blood in the flavour. Marks for character, and interest – there’s lots here. From 2021-22, no hurry. 2037-40 Oct 2017

2015 ()

(concrete vat, bottling early 2018) very dark robe. There is an oily intensity and also baking in the bouquet, which has a curved aroma of “shiny” blackberry and mulberry fruit. It strikes out very well. The palate is savoury, delicious with a bustle of prominent tannins with a supple centre to them. There’s a lot going on here, with a thorough heart, the strands needing to come together. It’s a real ball of southern bounty, running hither and thither, has real drive. Way to go, upbeat Gigondas, a real glass filler. 15.5°. 4,500 b. 70% Gren, 15% Mourv, 15% Syr. €21. From 2020. 2032-35 Feb 2017


(vat/barrel) dark red; the nose gives an oily, sleek air of coulis-liqueur raspberry, is pretty clear, not varied at all. There is light reduction. The palate’s mulled red fruits are hedged in by late, grainy tannins. Has fair style, the fruit somewhat Pinot-esque. I like its juice, which pleases via a lifted flavour and serene texture. Has savoury qualities. 14.5°. From 2018. 2026-28  Dec 2015 

2013 ()

(vat) dark and full robe. The lively bouquet spreads widely, has a ground coffee, menthol infusion outlook, with blackcurrant, tangy blueberry fruit within. The palate delivers a pretty smooth gras richness, with tannins that are in step – they have achieved ripeness allied to vintage freshness. This paints a good picture of the garrigue, has lots of local colour and punch in an unrestrained way, is STGT wine, right on the button for the vintage. This is a little gem, will appeal to palate and mind. From 2018 if you like plenty of unbridled vigour, or from 2021 for more sagesse. 14.5°. 12,000 b. 70% Gren, 15% Syr, 15% Mourv. 2029-31  Dec 2015  Previously Dec 2014 **(*) (vat/barrel) medium to full purple colour. Has an open plum and kirsch aroma. The attack is sweetly fruited, then followed by slightly rustic tannins on the finish, plus a glow of alcohol. There is a musty note behind as well. 14.5°. From mid-2016. 2024-25 JL Dec 2014


(vat/barrel) notably dark red; The nose is big – gives a grand collection of simmered red fruits with an earthy, rather cowhide air, possible Brett. The palate is also in and out on its fruiting, has punchy resolve, could ideally be a little cleaner, has some fungal leaning. The tannins are right in there, a shade pushy. One wants to like this. The finish is demanding, and it washes up drily, has its own home bred style. Reach for the game dishes. From 2016. 14.5°. 6,000 b. 80% Gren, 15% Syr, 5% Mourv this year. 2024-26  Dec 2013

2010 ()

(barrel) mainly Grenache-inspired fairly full red; there is a peppery sweetness on the nose, and in the Pourra style a baked air traverses the glass; has a southern climes, Mediterranean aspect, a raisiny air that is laced with red fruit. The palate also reflects a salty raisin, comes with kick, and its tannins are prominent on the finish. Unbridled horse time here. There is a real coating on the palate, a spritz-style late zone and a white pepper aftertaste. Very early to judge this. The aftertaste summons up flint and menthol, very 2010. From 2015, a real child of its land. 2030-31 Dec 2011


thorough red robe; baked stones, herbal aroma – a good and hearty bouquet. Licorice, tangy, herbal palate with a full, sustained red fruits flavour, sympa affair here. It ends on local herbal thrust. From late 20101 – its tannins are quite firm. 2019-21. This is 65% Grenache, 25% Syrah, 10% Mourvèdre. “We harvested in October,” J-C Mayordome. jan 2009

2006 ()

full plum red colour; the bouquet expresses macerated raspberry or red berries, with some core grip and depth in it – is not yet fully open. Red fruits predominate on the palate – they come from the mulled school, and are led by the Grenache with the late clamp of some fairly ripe tannins. Moves towards a rounded feel at the end, plus some power in its make-up. This is still very primary and enclosed. Has a liqueur red berry aftertaste, and this sweet wine has a firm eye on current tastes in the market rather than one looking back towards its origins. From 2010 so those enclosed tannins can settle. 15°, note. 70% Gren, 15% Syrah, 15% Cinsault, Mourvèdre this year. 2015-17 June 2008


brewed, spicy, peppery bouquet. Maturing into second stage. Cooked fruits here, with coffee elements. Length fair, could have more oomph in the middle. 2009-10