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The Wines

72% Grenache (av age 50 yrs in 2009, used to be 90%), 25% Syrah, 2-3% Mourvèdre, destemmed, 30-40 day vinification, pumping overs every 2 days, part vat emptying/refilling during fermentation, aged 80% large barrels, 20% new oak casks 18 months (new oak since 2004, was 1-3 year oak before for 12 months), unfined, 14, 000-27,000 b

2008 ()

red with some depth. A little toast, green olive on the nose, peanut air here, also black fruits and suggestion of reduction. For now the palate is stern, rather stiff, but there is crispness in its black fruit, cautious length. Has grainy tannins for now, and as an oak-influenced wine, will not be local until mid-2012. The aftertaste is dry for now, and there are yeast, vegetal notions, so it needs further raising. 2019-20 Dec 2009

2007 ()

(barrel) dark robe. Pungent, sappy black fruits, a sweet fruit coulis, cocoa here – it is wide and obvious, a bit of a blinger. Scented black fruit with an agreeable juicy texture on the palate, a wine of nice length. Good and complete, it is a muscular, sweet, rather flash wine. Ends with grounded strength. From mid-2011. 2020-22 Dec 2009 Previously June 2008 (barrel) more purple than Romane Machotte; even-handed, harmonious and rounded nose, has a nice bit of brooding potential. The palate has decent density, some crunchy fruit, runs along with some late vivacity. A structured wine - its tannins enclose it after half way. 2022-23. June 2008.


full, dark red. Plump, dark red berry aroma that continues with some grace, has fundamental substance around it. Promising and primary, a little bosky air to it. Clean-limbed palate fruit comes forward, its tannins comfortably installed. Ends freshly. Elegant, carefully made wine which promises to show ell around mid-2010 on. The tannins are live, the length sound. This fills the palate well, has local punch, and pretty good balance. 2019-21 Nov 2008 Previously Jan 2008 *** (barrel) dark plum with black in the robe; the nose is intense and concentrated, led by quite oily black fruits and sweet-toned berries and beef stock. There is alive concert of fruit on the attack, with a close crop of tannins around it. Pepper and charcoal from the oak late in the day, along with some herb and violet influences. From mid-2010 – its tannins need sorting. 2019-21 Jan 2008


black cherry colour. Has a reductive, brewed fruit aroma, with a little raspberry in it; it is still primary and there is clear, stylish fruit in this nice, ripe bouquet. There is good tenor in the fruit – it is active, pursuant pretty and scented - and the wine is broad, ending on a simpatico raspberry, oily finale. It holds together well, and the finish has a good lip-smacking texture. Nice understated power, and this wine could well close down. 2020-22 June 2008 Previously Nov 2006 ***(*) (casks) bouquet shows black fruit, with some high tone in it; although it is stiff now, there is quite a lot of depth to it. Clean, modern black fruit kick off to the palate, with a grippy oak surround. Has some local richness, but is international in style. The oak is so prominent that this cannot be drunk young, which narrows down its window for drinking. Is rich at its heart. From 2010 on. 2019-20. Nov 2006

2004 ()

quite dark; punchy, vigorous nose – it is deep, a little mysterious, of the earth more than the sky. This is brewed, full wine: the tannins enter early, it holds locked away black fruit, and connects to the south, its origins via some black olive, herbs in the flavour. The tannins are ripe. It is close to excess in its cellar work, just draws back from the edge there. From 2009. 2017-20  Dec 2006


full, maturing plum robe that is nicely complete. The bouquet is still quite bright, although there is an earthy, fundamental note to it. It is still fresh for the vintage – thanks no doubt to its 35-/400 metres altitude, and some red fruit peeks out as a consequence. The palate also bears some still bright red fruit – it has an interesting, complete nature now and a good tannic sideline. An elemental, quite muscular, true wine. From mid-2009. It is behind many other 2003s in evolution, and fresher, too. “We fermented the sugars in this until March 2004 – there was a lot of glycerol this year,” Pierre Amadieu. The 20% oak this year was 1-2 years` old. 14.5°. 2021-23 June 2008. 19,000 b this year. Previously March 2005 **(*) dark cherry, plum robe; reserved nose with potential – now it is on the leather and bacon. Big scale palate, with decent integration of its elements. The length is sound, with a garrigue aftertaste. Is a “dark” wine at this stage, with olives and a southern tone to it, as it should have. 2013-14 July 2005 Previously March 2005 ** streamlined black fruit aroma. Decent early on, with vigorous black fruit. Fruit a little too straight now, will have more variety by 2007. Lengthens OK, shows some oak at end. Could have more soul. 2013 March 2005