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The Wines

some 1919 Syrah, with different ages on Eygats, Champelrose, Syrah av age 35 years, 50% from Eygas, 50% from Champelrose, 50-100% whole bunch fermentation, 8-10 day steel vat vinification, pumping overs, cap punching, aged used 550 and 228-litre casks 10 months, unfined, filtered, some crop sold to Chapoutier, 400 b


plum red colour; the bouquet is gentle, shows raspberry, red fruits, a floral touch, a little wild hedgerow fruit. There are damp notes on the palate, which has a pliant feel, with mild content, no forcing, and some tannin – thickness from that. This is natural, country wine, the tannins not refined. 13°. 2029-31 Dec 2019 Previously Dec 2018 *** red robe; soft raspberry aroma, pine lurking, the raspberry fruit central to the bouquet. This is tender, slightly floral Cornas, a bit lightweight, but one that drinks easily, with no effort required. It has clarity, touches of local colour in the grainy late tannic presence, and a drift of perfume. It’s likeable in its way. 13°. €20. 2025-27 Dec 2018

2015 ()

dark red robe. Stewed fruits, inky, blackberry airs, a bit of road tar, burnt rubber on the nose. The fruit isn’t on top, but there’s more to some. Decant it or wait longer. There’s an oily textured delivery of brambly fruit on the palate; it picks up bosky tannins that still have a slight vegetal side to them. The aftertaste is smoky, cooked blackberry there. This is genuine, has heart. 14°. From spring 2020. 2032-34 Dec 2018

2014 ()

dark red robe. Blackberry, raspberry fruit aroma of decent depth leads the bouquet, has a hint of acetate, mercaptan. The palate holds brambly fruit, puckish gras, has a little kick on the finish. It isn’t 100% clear. 13°. €20. Bottled two months ago. 2020-21  Dec 2015


dark red robe. Blackberry and prune airs on the nose with a hint of game. The palate starts quietly, gives a black berry fruit with fine freshness. A good, sound Cornas of no pretension. It has a light crunch, typical 2013 close. The fruit is a little reticent. Louis’ work has improved recently! 13°. 2020-21  Dec 2015

2009 No Rating

NOT PRODUCED – sold to merchants

2007 No Rating

NOT PRODUCED – sold to merchants


quite full red. Smoky, slightly gamey aroma, low-key trail of black fruit. The palate has a black fruit, slight tar presence. The fruit is round and savoury. A bit of the downhome about it, but ticks over in its rustic way. Good with dishes such as stews. 2017-19 Dec 2009 Previously Dec 2008 NR quite a full, matt red robe; the nose is reserved, has a mild layer of red fruit, scented raisin. The palate has a downhome, “muddy” red fruit flavour, gummy and a bit reductive. The finish is dry – no doubt the élevage cask quality. Dodgy balance and cleanliness here. Dec 2008


mid+ depth of red; quiet aroma, but suggests potential – can become stylish. The palate starts with red fruits, along with a touch of the acetate or high tone in the flavour (wild yeasts, not laboratory ones here). This has local virtue, grass roots appeal. It ends compactly, with chew and a little tannic thrust. Drink now to 2018. Risk it will dry as it goes (old oak syndrome). Dec 2008 Previously Dec 2007 *(*) quite a full robe; black fruit in a traditional style bouquet, with some meatiness. The palate has rather a high tone taste – game, with an oily texture, the tannins are ripe, but the wine lacks freshness. The fruit flavour is plum, but is a little hard. To 2011. Dec 2007

2004 No Rating

pale, matting red; farmyard, high tone – “ere we go!” The palate is also high tone, edgy, can`t be done. Is rustic, not aggressive, but lacks clear fruit. Drink now. Dec 2008 Previously Dec 2006 **(*) tangles of berry fruit with some earthiness and fungal airs in the bouquet. The palate holds red jam fruit, with a limited horizon. Easy, pliant wine, with a bit of old cask. Towards the finish, a prune effect comes through. Traditional Cornas here – some richness, and the length is fair. Bottled March 2006. To 2011. Dec 2006


full robe. Pretty, ample bouquet, shows chocolate, a little bacon and black berries. Good, full palate, plenty of chewy matter, again a chocolate effect, has a traditional feel even with the extreme vintage ripeness. Some tannin evident on the finish. True, and deep. Length OK. STGT wine. 2014-15 December 2005


pretty, blackberry, smoky bouquet. Scented black stone fruit flavour, some warmth. Bosky towards finish, some acidity. Likeable, some guts, honest wine. 2010-12


reserved red fruit/floral, slightly smoked nose; punchy, vigorous red fruit, fresh texture, tannins evident. 2005 on. 2016-18