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The Wines

50% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 10% Mourvèdre (early 1990s) from clay-limestone, stone covered soils with sand, destemmed, 3-4 week vinification, 2-4 part vat emptying/refillings at start, twice daily pumping overs, raised 60-70% steel vat, 30-40% 450-litre 1-2 year oak casks 12-15 months, fined, filtered, 15-30,000 b


handsome dark robe. The nose shows oaking, charcoal, plenty of barbecue smoke from that, chocolate, with an inner of black cherry. The palate is fresh, direct, carries some richness which is enclosed by the oak, especially on the finish. The clash of oak and Grenache here. It’s atypical, lacks local colour. I find the oaking (40% of the wine), on a high heat, excessive. Try from 2020, not worth it before. 14°. 50% Gren, 40% Syr, 10% Mourv. 2028-29 Feb 2018

2015 ()

(vat/casks) dark red robe. The nose gives a refined air of blackcurrant and black cherry fruit, with some tarry intensity. The palate bears tasty, easy flow black berry fruits with oak touches which come through towards the finish. It’s a cleanly struck Vacqueyras, juice on the agenda, and some light spicing, without quite the pedigree of the leaders. From 2018 to allow greater fruit and less oak on the finish. 14.5°. 30,000 b. 50% Gren, 40% Syr, 10% Mourv. €6.60. 2022-23 Apr 2017


(vat/casks) dark robe; the bouquet is stylish, led by cosy mulled berries and prune, along with notes of juniper, a fresh tone from that. There is a little oak, which also comes through on the attack. The fruit and gras wash along well, liberally distributed. This is a neat do: it has one foot in the terroir, and the other in the modern school. The finish is good and tasty, well juiced and long, with tar-oak on the close for now. 13.5°. 15,000 b. From mid-2017. 2023-25  Dec 2015  

2013 ()

garnet hue to the robe. There are red berry airs on the nose - cherry and raspberry notes, with just a hint of mint. The palate is juicy and generous; its red fruit flavour persists. Firm but fine tannins appear on the finish. This is quite a neat package. 14°. 30,000 b. €11.50. From 2016. 2021-22 JL Dec 2014


rather dark red robe. Smoky, full bouquet with a definite note of brewing, alcohol spirit. The palate builds up with a show of spirit towards the finish. Power unbalances it somewhat. It has a smoked, tarry, cooked plums flavour. Square, chunky, form, a wine that needs a lighter touch. Has weight. From 2014. 13.5°. To 2018. May 2013


nicely deep robe, small notes of advance. Tar, fundamental-elemental air, damp forest, bosky notes; there is ripe fruit within the bouquet, also grilling. The palate has an overtly spiced Grenache prune flavour, dates also. Spicing and an angular, gum drying finish come along. This will tire early; it has a muddled raising to gras ratio, seems over roasted in the cellar. 13.5°. €9.90. To 2016  May 2013

2007 ()

quite full robe. The nose is led by rather sharp airs, has an acid siding, is clinical. The palate is similar; it lacks grounded gras, is taut, the fruit lacks generosity. July 2010