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The Wines

80% Grenache, 20% Syrah (both 1975) from 0.5 hectare on sandy-limestone red soils on Bois de Monge (N-W), light crush, whole bunch fermentation, 18-21 day concrete vat vinification at up to 31°C at the end, 2 part vat emptying/refillings, twice daily pumping overs, aged 70% concrete vat, 30% new-1 year Vosges oak cask 12-15 months, unfined, filtered, 2,400 b

2017 ()

(vat/casks) dark, deep robe; the bouquet has some vintage scale, a melted black chocolate, black cherry aroma, a sweetness implicit. The palate runs with sound flow of the black fruits, has some grainy, clear tannins in tow, ends on cool tones, blueberry and smokiness from oak. The oak needs to absorb; leave until mid-2021. 14°. 80% Gren, 20% Syrah. 2035-37 Oct 2018


quite dark red robe. Has a mild, red fruited aroma, raspberry-strawberry, a little sweetness, not much variety. The palate drinks easily, is a low register Gigondas with peppery infusions. It ends on a little rocky tannin. It develops more weight towards the finish, which needs another six months or so to settle. 13.5°. Bottled 26 Nov 2015. 2,400 b. €12.60. From mid-2016. 2024-26  Dec 2015 


purple robe. The nose gives spicy red fruit aromas, Syrah evident in the blend. The palate is fleshy and chewy, but also satisfying. Firm, grainy tannins show on the finish. 13.5°. Bottled 24 Nov 2014. €12.40. From 2016. 2022-23 JL Dec 2014


(vat, bottling tomorrow) sombre dark red, purple. There is some scenting in its stewed plum fruit air, a nose with fair lift. The palate has a sturdy, brewed heart of jam, prune, though its tannins are a bit rough n’ready, and serve to squeeze the late fruit out of contention. Very unpolished as it stands. Decant this. From mid-2015. 13.5°. €12.20 at cellars. 2022-23  Dec 2013


quite a full red. This has a good, darkly fruited nose with several layers to it, the fruit is prominent, resembling prune, date, so is ripe, with a little blackberry. It is a good launch pad for the wine, and will vary over time. The palate offers rolling, tobacco-infused dark fruit, has appealing pockets of mystery. This is good, a Senior Prefect Gigondas 2011, with structure and classy, promising fruit and a charge of tannin that drives it well. From late 2014. €11.80 at the cellars. 2025-27  Dec 2012


rather dark colour; broad, slightly rippling dark berry aroma – raisin, hint of chocolate, pine and varnish – plenty here. Suave and supple black fruit on the palate, with a measured build-in of tannins that act as shock absorbers – the tannins evident on the aftertaste. A big style of wine with southern, pine forest and flinty, clear garrigue notions. Packs a fair punch, has a very fresh exit. From spring 2013 – let the tannins sink in further. 13.5°. 2027-29 Dec 2011


dark, matt robe. Plum, cedar air that is full-hearted. Vibrant, bold palate that has a good centre, core, and reveals tannins and tar tints as it goes. Authentic, traditional wine. The aftertaste is a wee bit dry. 2021-23 March 2011

2008 ()

2 bottles tasted: 1st bottle: not bright plum robe; strawberry, black cherry aroma, white pepper. Nuggety, chocolate-raisin taste but a strange alcohol effect, a sense of SO2, dry late moments. Bottled 2 weeks ago. Bottle 2: black berry, tarry nose. Has grainy tannins, green fruit in here which time cannot sort. The nose already a bit tired. Can ease a bit, but it is disjointed vis-à-vis its alcohol. 2012-13 Dec 2009


full, dark red. Stewed plum, not 100% clear aroma, possible Brett on the premises, biscuity blackberry fruit within. The palate black fruit is juiced, the attack has energy, but then it tones down and recedes, leaving a baked flatness. Some late heat. Tapers and flattens. From late 2010. 2020-22 Dec 2009

2006 ()

full, attractive black-red robe. Reticent nose – blackberry fruit with some mineral and mint trimming, has a crisp top air, is well set, also gives herb, bacon airs. Mid-weight wine on palate – the blackberry fruit gains a crisp delivery along its second half. Likeable energy and wire in this, keeps moving, ends freshly. Needs 18 months to fuse, so drink from mid-2010. Licorice, ground coffee finish. 2019-21 Nov 2008