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100% Syrah (oldest 1974, av age 30 yrs), not usually destemmed, fermentation with submerged cap, min 4 week maceration, aged new oak 42 months, 10-12,000 b, first wine 1978


very dark, deep robe, good lustre; the bouquet is perfumed, exudes refinement, a most gracious air of cassis, black fruits, a hint of herbs, licorice. The palate picks up on the suave, silken feel of the fruit, flows with pedigree content, a fine tuning in its sève [sap] from the vines. The finish is savoury, juicy, willing, a wheel of gourmand content there. This extends with a more open style than usual, is more suave, giving than most vintages of it. It carries Burgundian notes of finesse even with its degree at 14.5°. Bottled Feb 2021. From 2027-28. 2050-52 June 2021


very dark, inky robe; the bouquet is a pleaser, has great style, bears a most attractive air of black cherry fruit with a suave roundness to it, the curve of pleasure. There are Southern notes of black olives, prunes, with the chrcaol, coffee airs of oak. It’s an exciting start. The palate leads on en finesse, suave content, tunes into refined blackcurrant fruit, a glisten in them, along with a violet infusion as it goes. The length is primo, really super and continuous. This is knock-out Landonne, all the elements in place for a Grand Vin, right up there at the top table. The fruit quality is ace, fluid and most tasty, the balance on the money, while the oak will infuse gradually and well. This is sensational, a real treat. 13.5°. From 2028. 2050-52 June 2021


dark, inky, black-tinted robe; the bouquet presents a solid face, is really crammed with black fruits, black olives, coffee notes also. It gives a picture of bright sunshioione, abundance, a brimming basket of fruit, is wide and very filled. The palate links closely, also has a large mass of black fruit content, ripe, dense tannins on board, with fuel into a very prolonged finale. It keeps the sun under control, and is scaled, with heart. One for a lot of patience, this. Expect a lot of wine in the glass, a penetrating experience. It’s very long, very ripe. It will improve as it ages, and, thankfully, loosens. 14.5° From 2028. 2057-60 Dec 2019

2014 ()

(cask, recently racked) this has its usual dark robe. The nose is lined with a sleek cassis, also blackberry aroma that lingers well, is all en finesse, has spots of inky darkness, a little mystery. The palate presents attractive blackberry, blueberry fruit with ripe, streamlined tannins that fit in well. This gets rolling after half way, ends with purpose. Its tannins are searching on the close. It has more established depth and length than the Mouline and Turque 2014; it can amplify on the palate into a serene, accomplished wine. From 2021. 2036-39  Dec 2015


very dark, shiny robe. There’s a top hover of dried thyme, herbs above its concentrated black stone fruit, with a prune core, on the nose. It’s quietly muscular, carrries good potential, also gives blueberry, licorice, coffee beans. This is a Bordeaux style Landonne on the palate, is upright, with a stylish gras at its centre. The cool black fruit streams along well, and the finish is true. It very much demands being left – from 2025, thus. 13.5°. 2052-54 March 2019 Previously June 2017 ****** handsome dark red robe. There is a crushed red fruits intensity on the nose, black cherries, plums, with stylish sweetness, and quietly curvy oaking. Lissom content lies on the outside of a sturdy ball of gras, with juicy textures and plump moments. The tannins warp around extremely well, are in great harmony, all in the wheel. There is a silken texture here, and polished persistence. It’s thorough, en finesse wine, all to come. 13.5°. From 2022. 2047-50 June 2017 Previously Dec 2015 ****** (cask, last racked three months ago) very dark robe, good shine in it. The nose is potentially flamboyant, offers multi layers of black berry fruiting, the essence of fruit prevailing over its oak. The palate has a good, bold start – it holds bright, brimming black fruit, waves of it, with dentelle or toothsome, high quality tannins that liberate the wine and coat the gums late on. This has genuine pedigree. It is a little international now, but it is a very high class wine. It is very long, greatly sustained – the gras richness clambers all over you. Very profound wine. From 2021. 2044-47 Dec 2015


(cask, last racked eight months ago) this has an expected dark robe. The nose has a seared, animal, red meat, dark berries aroma - there is a real pit of variety to come. The palate charges forward on lissom, coated black fruit, bright tannins well in step. It is infusing its oak, with juiciness beyond that spreading widely, washing across the palate. It has lots of appeal, is a gourmand, fully fronted glass of wine. It packs its depth in a close-knit manner – not obviously. Both this and the 2011 Landonne are more stylish and more overtly juicy than in the past. From 2020. 2036-39  Dec 2015  


dark, inky robe. There is lovely intrigue on the nose – black  berries, red meat, sizzled steak, lardon cuts of pork. It has bags of potential, and is more silken than usual. The palate bears flowing, compact black berry fruit with polished tannins well in step after half way. Very comely fruit and flavour feature here, deep Syrah fruit, delivered in quite a modern expression. Oak brings tar on the close. This is a wine of flair, one that introduces dreams into the imagination. From 2019. 2035-38  Dec 2015 Previously May 2013 ****** (cask, racked 19 March 2013, five days ago) dark robe, full red, black and purple tints – it is by some distance the biggest robe of the Big Three this year. Has a savoury, oxtail, deep red coulis fruit aroma, mixed with tar and red meat droplets, and, testament to ripening, a few garrigue mixed herbs. The palate continues well, also with greater finesse than suggested by the power of the nose. It  delivers an excellent burst of late fruit, is generous. This has a very good run of fruit, a delight. The finish brings in tarry, smoky, soaked cherries notes, the flavour combining prune, mocha, tobacco. Very good indeed, an exciting wine. “It is not a year of astringency, since overall the 2011 tannins are silken, even on La Landonne. It will keep well, for example a good 25 years. It will become a spiced year, with a gain in shoulder muscle. It is a bit like 2007 in that respect,” Philippe Guigal. 2039-41  May 2013


full, shiny dark red robe. Has a smoky, deeply inset blackberry aroma, a strong smoked bacon air and a dash of gunsmoke. The nose has confident depth, a meaty aspect from that. This is knuckled on the attack, holds compact juice, black berries, blueberries with oak and overt toast-smoke on the finishing stages, and salted moments that provide lift. The finish is Spartan, rock-filled, oaked. This won’t move ahead quickly at all. It is going to have a blistering bouquet, a real Sensaround affair. The palate is tucked in on itself, so drink from 2019. 13°. 2040-44  Nov 2015 Previously Dec 2011 ****** (cask) very dark; the nose is widespread, impressive, bears a silky ripeness, lots of abundant black fruit – there is a really solid depth to it. This has a striking palate – it dashes along with juiced black fruits, its tannins giving it energy. The crunchy fruit fines down as it goes, then resurfaces with a little ball of joy at the end. Silken, very long indeed. There are a lot of tannins, but they are largely well founded. It is ripe, and there are black olive, tapenade hints of the south in it. From 2019-20, wait. My preferred wine of Landonne, Turque, Mouline 2009 and 2010. 2045-47 Dec 2011


(cask) dark robe; there is a chocolate breadth on the nose, accompanied by some herbs of the south – it has a very deep blackberry jam fruiting, a real plunge of that aroma. There are also pine-bosky woods and licorice touches. The palate is direct, travels along tightly, has a free, fresh style after half way, is really good. It fines on down as it goes, is an interesting, complex wine – the most complex of the Big Three in 2009. The finish reflects menthol, is a clear-cut adieu. “We picked early in 2009 – early and fast to avoid heaviness,” Philippe Guigal. 2043-45 Dec 2011


the darkest plum red of the three La Las this year. The nose has a beefy note, attractive depth, a caramel, cooked plum, violet musk, density, licorice, is en rondeur. The palate offers suave, cosy gras, a silken feel, with plump notes, rather Grenache-like and a floral, Pez sweets aspect. Towards the finish it is spiced, grips there. It’s the most together of the 2008 LaLas, is coherent, and drinks aromatically with late lead pencil. It’s quietly joli. “The best of the three 2008s with cheese,” Bernadette Guigal. 2031-33 Nov 2017


(cask) dark robe; mulled fruits, a compact black berry aroma, with reserves – is not at all out and about as yet – there are olive or tapenade, southern influences with some oak charcoal. The palate black fruit has dash and an energy in it – it rocks on well. Holds black fruit, cherry flavours of elegance and drive. A three-quarter weight vintage with abundant charm to come. My preferred of the 3 this year. From 2014-15. 2033-35. “It is the most serious of our Three wines in 2007,” P.Guigal. Dec 2008


true red robe, a little advance at the top. Honey, waxy front airs to the bouquet, with rather cool black fruit behind. This is a good bouquet that is all together and consistent – is getting there. Notes of sweet herbs, capsicum, smoky oak also circulate. The palate brings decisive fruit – plum, prune with rich spots en route, as it lengthens steadily. It wants to deliver a final flourish, but is not there yet. Fine grain, good spine to this. Its relative bounty and lipsmack qualities will please drinkers. Here the air helps its gras express itself. I regard this as a charming vintage for Landonne. From 2015. 2032-35 May 2011 Previously July 2010 ****** full red, dark tints. Oak hints in with prune-plum aromas, roasted airs, but also red berry – this is complex, varied and broad. The palate has a fine richness, with persistent, uncomplicated dark fruits, ends on ground coffee. A typical Landonne, one that grips tight on its tarry oak at the finish. It will edge closer together over the next 5 years. Dark fruit lies at its centre, comes with a tight, granite aspect. Needs time. 2036-39 July 2010 Previously Dec 2008 ****** (cask) dark robe; compact, latently full black berry nose – there is a lot here, and it is balanced and harmonious, showing smoky, small black fruits and a hint of black fruit liqueur. The palate black fruits have good heart and a great spring in their step. This holds really bonny fruit – it goes Zap! and reaches out well. Despite the pouring rain, it expresses itself well today - testament to its constitution. Is long, has juicy fruit, is a wine of élan. Last racking March 2008. No doubt it will close, but the quality is here in abundance. From 2015. 2035-38 Dec 2008 Previously Jan 2008 ****** (cask) full, well-knit black and purple robe; the nose is rich, and shows sweet-toned black fruit, led by ripe black cherries and crème de cassis. The oaking is evident and carries some black pepper. The lead pencil of the northern zone is present, too, and there is good space in the bouquet. The palate starts off with generous fruits such as blackcurrant, it rolls on, the shape is round before the tannins, which are ripe, come along. Ends on the iron oxide – there is a clear finish within its rich black fruit setting. Wee oak surface late on. The length is complete, with bang-on grip for its age. Licorice aftertaste. This is building up some complexity. My favourite of the Big 3 this year. 2034-38 Jan 2008


bright, healthy dark red robe. Has a creamy, softening black fruits aroma with a fine jam air about it – the fruit is a dark plum and there are droplets of red meat from this big vintage. A sturdy start from this sealed, tight bouquet that has cedar influences hovering. The palate starts cautiously, is less open than the Mouline and Turque. It is extremely persistent, though, is a real Road Runner that coats the palate every which way. Its oak is infusing – I can see that it was needed this year to sort out the strength of the tannins, very much so. The finale is wide. It will be more defined from 2015-16. It is in its shell, and today I prefer the Turque of all the 3 Big Wines by a whisker. 2042-44 May 2011 Previously March 2009 ****** the robe is a full black cherry. The nose is really broad – this is THE BUSINESS. It shows black fruit with a sprinkle of black pepper and a light touch of violet. The palate moves towards southern notes – a fresh prune, floral tenor. This is very interesting – it is less firm, more varied than usual. There is the typical Landonne firmness at the end, where there is crunchy black fruit and oak. Very good length, beautiful width, a wine of wonderful bounty, a real beauty. Six-plus stars! From 2014. 2038-42 Bottled end Jan 2009. March 2009 Previously Dec 2008 ****** (cask) full, dark robe; blackberry aroma that lingers – also carries licorice and “bright” oak, olives and baked stones, the last-named a sign of the vintage ripeness and depth. This is a brooding, wide wine with a big intake of black fruit. It is very primary now, still very fresh, and its tannins active. It ends on a quiet richness, which is reassuring. A wine barely out of its infant stage. From 2015 or so. “This is my favourite of the 2005s. I would give it 40 years of life – it is a classic of a good year. We did a 4-week vinification that went well, and its tannins are archetypically serious, with something of a Hermitage accent,” Philippe Guigal. 2041-44 Dec 2008 Previously April 2006 (cask) ****** chunky, chocolatey aroma, deep set raisin smell, black fruits with an olive/tapenade link. Wired black fruit on attack, really suavely knit, has a raspberry aftertaste. Tannins are helped by a plentiful richness. Leathery finale. From 2014, maybe. 2035-40 April 2006


thorough, mainly full red robe, with the top showing a tiny advance. Has a creamy, toffee air, the paste of red fruit such as redcurrant present. Licorice and cinnamon and smoke all season it. This is good! The palate is tasty, gives real richness, is open and on offer. It is the most enjoyable today of the Big Three 2004s, its gras is prominent, and there are fine tannins. But the fruit is a winner, really delivering well, and flourishing on the aftertaste. Grand pleasure from this. The nature of the fruit is fine, small berries, juice and herbs in it. 2022-25 May 2011 Previously Jan 2008 ***** (cask, 7 days before bottling) dark red with some black in the hue. Wide aroma of light chocolate, toffee, raisin and compact, tightly bound black fruit with a touch of sweet appeal. The palate black fruit comes out on the roll, envelops the palate well; the fruit is good and secure. Gains in power as it goes, and ends on a denser texture, with the flavour including licorice and a bit of tar. Good length, has richness but is what I term three-quarter weight this year. Is nicely wide, without being a big hitter. French Zan licorice on the finish (the red stuff not the menthol green version). This now has the most thorough palate of the Big 3; the other two are more filigree and Burgundian in their shape and texture. All will benefit from patient cellaring, can edge forward and expand as they mature. Has edged ahead of La Turque in my 2004 rankings. From 2012-13. 2031-33 Jan 2008 “This is my favourite of the Big 3 this year; I like the race or breed in this Landonne vintage: you find true Côte-Rôtie here – the iron oxide, the manganese, the terroir expression is very clear; it can live very well,” Philippe Guigal. Previously April 2006 (cask) ****(*) firm colour, more than the other 2004s. Bouquet is open and stylish - cherry, with spice and violet and leather. Clearly darwn fruit on attack, holds nice richness within, runs on well, develops a chocolate side. More open and expressive than usual - is less brooding and intense. Slight mineral finale. From 2011. 2027-31


the robe is full; the nose is complete, deep, but there is subtlety in it; the prime fruit is dark plum, but it is varied with herb notes, surely testament to the hot year, its southern leaning, and there is a mineral angle as well. The palate is suave, tasty, wholesome – it is at a sweet moment now, even though it still lengthens on its oak raising. Its black fruit is extremely fine and continuous, its core is deep, deep. It still end on its tannin which provides a crunchy late moment. It remains in thrall to its vintage and to its raising, is a very young wine. 2036-39 May 2011 Previously Dec 2006 ****** (cask) a storming wine, Grand Vin that is very beau. I lapse into the language of the diplomats and romance at these moments. Very dark robe; has a well-set, even toned nose that is really tight, and bears toasted aromas with a little black cherry. There are probing and clear black fruits on the palate, and clear, really lovely tannins that are tasty and sumptuous. Has a rich finale, is a real mover. Great balance and width, with a clean finish. Top wine. No hurry with this, but the balance will always hold it in good stead. 2036-40. “5 weeks of maceration helped to achieve these tannins – it is rare to have tannins like these in a 2003. This can live for 40 years, I would say,” Marcel Guigal. Dec 2006 Previously Dec 2004 (cask) ****** lovely, full bouquet, energy in it: compact, interesting black fruit, coffee/mocha. Wholesome, restrained black fruit, blackberry/prune, then chocolate, tar/licorice on palate. Broad and well done, plenty of tannins abound. Good, live length. 2010-11 on. 2031-34 Dec 2004

2002 ()

dark tints in the red robe; has a honey-waxen aroma accompanied by toffee and fruit led by prune. Local elements such as violet, flowers come in, too, with bacon and its smoky note. The palate is compact, round, bears fine black fruit with floral undertones. The length is tidy, effortless. A spot of fine late juice helps to extend the finish. At a serene moment now. 2025-27 May 2011 Previously Jan 2007 ***(*) some darkness in the red; gamey, stewed berry nose with an oaked backdrop, furniture varnish, wax elements. Brisk berry fruit on attack, comes directly and lacks the usual stuffing. Doesn`t achieve width on the late palate. Length is fair, so expect a gradual evolution for the better. Esp 2009 on. 2018-20 January 2007 "The first, only time we destemmed the Landonne crop" M.Guigal. Previously April 2006 **** bouquet is a mix of cherry, blackberry, bacon, eau de vie. Ripe fruit start, mature red fruits that slip down quite well. There is a tea aspect, some extra variety in the make-uop, is a three-quarter weight wine. More rounded by 2009. "The first and only time we destemmed the Landonne crop." P.G. 2022-25 April 2006 Previously (cask) **** first and only time it was destemmed. Toffee/brewed bouquet, has roasted, meaty side. Quite austere, peppery black fruit - is upright, needs time. Barely formed as yet. Some richness within, Bordeaux style, acidity present on end. Will be interesting. 2010 on. 2023-26 Dec 2004


quite a full robe; the bouquet is big, solid, not free running, not yet in the clear with its evolution. It shows gentle violet tones, is broad and potentially a real giver, a real source of bounty, has flecks of herbs and mineral. The palate still lies on a note of minor reduction, is also not clear. A sturdy and sealed wine that has a concave feel to it, as opposed to the convex nature of 2000. It lengthens well, has a drumbeat of continuity leading to a minted, dark finish. It is long, and the aftertaste is perfumed, aromatic. 2029-32 May 2011 Previously (cask) ***** (cask) chocolate and earth, ripe/oily bouquet; dense, prolonged black flavour, good core. Full, good definition. Correct structure, good clear-cut wine. Dry end now. From 2008-09. To 2023-26


the robe is still agreeable full and encouraging. Boy – this has a downhome, farmyard aroma, acetate in it. It is open in its earthy way, with small black fruits and juniper airs within. Decant this. The earthy style transfers to the palate, which is full of textured gras richness and sweetness, all on the curve, saying come in and enjoy. It finishes on perfumed, floral touches, lengthening finely. The finish is compact, orderly. 2026-28 May 2011 Previously (cask) ***** overtly grilled,with mocha, some pepper aromas; sappy, damp leaves texture, then freshens. Calmer, truffly end, nice flavour. Fair flesh, shows good terroir, that dark earthiness. 2021-25


the robe is showing very well, is full. The nose is creamy, coffee-like, has a high mix of deep berry fruit, eucalyptus, licorice, Indian curry, garrigue herbs from the hot summer. A downhome, slightly funky note hovers. Decant this. The palate has a really silken debut, carries well with crunchy black fruit transported to us, before a crisp, decisive finale. It is almost still finding its way, is not there yet. It has a fine-tuned, not weighty depth. I consider today the Mouline to be the weightiest of the Big Three 1999s. This has not yet amplified – it runs straight down the line, and has mighty, scented tannins along its sides. Time still helpful here – drink from 2014. 2033-36 May 2011 Previously ****** bouquet almost has a pretty side, cocoa, oily touches, deep. Very full palate, imposing, shows quality at end - great chew/persistence. Blackberry fruit, this is big. One of most powerful Landonnes I`ve ever known, a southern beauty. From 2012. 2036-40


the red colour is still right there. The nose is forward, displays small red berries that have an intense core. There are smoky-leather airs, with herbs and flint and graphite, the fruit raspberry. This is a really persistent nose. The palate is as tight as a drum on the debut, before gaining a floral, then darker and very Landonne late stage – a mix of cool, lead pencil factors with flowers. This emerges into a fine, elegant, rounded finale. Long, and varied. Provokes palate and mind. 2030-31 May 2011 Previously ***** dense, black oily fruit, truffly aroma; real good clean extract, well-sustained. Balance creates the elegance. Black fruit pastilles/mineral end. 2020-24


dark; oily, smoky, closely-packed bouquet, stones, leather; convincing black fruit, really good tannic structure, fresh also. More finesse than 98/99 Landonnes. Multi-flavoured ripe cooked fruit. 2017-20

1996 ()

nicely shiny, quite deeply centred, evolving red colour. Mocha, bacon aroma, a marked rich central spot to the bouquet, a fragrant plum generosity with a wee cordite snap, notes of oak and pine. The palate bears the profile of its vintage, so still bears live, helpful acidity that clarifies it. The heart is formed around dark berry, blackberry, prune, with a burst of cinnamon and nutmeg as it ends. Interesting. Bring on the game dishes! It is going well, and reaches out along the palate. 13°. 2030-32 Nov 2013 Previously **** leather/woods/blackberry aromas, still quite fresh; softening fruit attack, working in the acidity now, still ways to go. More gentle than usual. Truffle aftertaste. Esp good to drink around 2006-07. To 2015-17 Jan 1998


firm, spiced chocolate/mocca, some cooked plum in behind; great density and amounts of compact flavour. Tannins assert, but smoothly. Great oiliness, flavours will unlock slowly. 2020-24


typical prickly fruit, oak, firm mineral/spice aroma. Not very big this year. Narrow flavours, quite suave. Dumb, but agreeable fruit. Never very striking. Best from 2005? 2012-14


dark; varied nose, cassis jam/spice/leather/prune. Tight attack, excellent core, big scale. Many mineral, cooked fruit prompts, intense middle. Good, long regional, heated end. From 2004. 2012-14


very solid, chunky nose; very firm attack, a wall of black fruit. Big but controlled. Shade less raw power than usual, Fruit runs on through, length is good. From 2001. 2013-15


clear aromas, cassis/cherry, thorough bouquet; great grip, exceptional scale and fruit mix. Classy, extract is solid. Touch less exciting than the 1989 Landonne. 2012-16


hedgerow fruit aromas, lingering intensity; great suurge of fruit and matter on attack; combines depth with craft, great style. Plenty of chewy tannins, really lasts. Grand Vin. 2013-17


usual purple in colour; mature fruit aroma, some heat; decisive dark fruit, liquorice also. Holds together well. Solid, upright, some oak on finish. 2020-25


dry-toned aromas, wood/autumn; restrained palate, lovely texture. Attack bit narrow, dark fruit is firm. A sleeper, will always be upright, but pretty good length. Lightly chaptalised, like the 1987. Can live. 2011-14


pine, spice, burnt aromas; lovely light touch, silken texture. Quite prominent tannins at end. Good middle flavour. 2007-09