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The Wines

40-60% Grenache, 30-40% Cinsault, 10% Syrah, 0-10% Mourvèdre from 10-12 sources, direct press vinification, has been made by bleeding the juice off the skins (saignée), vat-raised 6 months, malo completed, 300-350,000 b

2020 ()

pink robe, Provence in style. The nose is mild, comes with candy, red fruits, sweets, a little pear drop. The palate is easy, soft in texture, can serve for the aperitif, with a little floral leaning along the second half. The length persists well, makes it stand out from the crowd. The redcurrant flavour at its centre pleases. A change of style here towards a more open, soft wine, solo drinking encouraged as well as la table. 14°. Bottled Feb 2021. 2023 June 2021

2019 ()

firm salmon pink robe; the bouquet is a neat mix of redcurrant fruits, pear drop sweets, has a tender sweetness that appeals. The palate is soft, attractive, drinks with ease, lines up trim red fruits with good accuracy in expression. The aftertaste brings a note of herbs, a hint of licorice. This is good value, no doubt, suited to hors d’eouuvres, spring rolls, smoked fish. 14°. To 2022 Apr 2021

2018 ()

pale pink; floral, appealing nose, redcurrants, precise red fruits, a note of candy. The palate is soft, suavely textured, with precise red fruits, cheerry, on the premises. It finishes with a neat roudness, appealing clarity. It’s right in the zone now. 13.5°. 2021 Dec 2019


pale pink; has a clean, clear, bright nose, a line of redcurrant, is a bit subdued. The attack is easy, skims on strawberry, red cherry, is soft, with enough depth for la table. It’s less striking than some years, is safer than usual. There’s a little late perfume. 60% Gren, 30% Cins, 10% Syr, no Mourv this year, a lighter style sought. 13.5°. To 2021 March 2019

2016 ()

full pink robe. The bouquet is live, full of redcurrant fruits, a joli note of strawberry to back it up, some fruit tart pastry. The palate is aromatic, carries red fruits with a gleam in their style, lingers on a red cherry flavour as it closes with a soft roundness. This is very good for its grade, has the body for white meats, poultry, soupe au pistou. It drinks generously. To 2020 Nov 2017


full pink robe. This has a nicely generous, redcurrant, sweet strawberry aroma, comes with an air of peony: it is an open and juiced bouquet. The palate sequels well from the nose, giving expressive, supple red fruits, the texture soft and squeezy. There are light garrigue herbs touches in a rounded finale, and a note of aniseed clarity. This is attractive, rounded, plump and fat rosé. It is genuine, and has the soft body for pork, chicken, salads, cod brandade. 13.5°. To 2018 July 2016

2014 ()

salmon pink colour. The nose is bonny, presents redcurrants with a clear ping, a note of strawberry jam under them. This captures a summer garden mood. The palate leads with delicate red fruits, red cherries, with a skip in its step. This is beau, well shaped, is fresh and the body is well judged to render it elegant. Suited to hors d’oeuvres, cold meats. It is a superior Côtes du Rhône rosé, right at the top of the tree. 13.5°. To 2018  Oct 2015


½ bottle: pale pink, some depth to the robe. An aroma of compote of strawberry features in a round and charming nose, with a backdrop of baked bread, brioche. The palate is soft, comes with a cosy roundness, red fruit berries. There is good juice here above all. Good with poultry, fish in sauce. 13.5°. To 2017  Oct 2015


light red tints. Bonbon, candy, cherry fruit air, light air of thyme and herbs across it. This is simple to like, has a fleshy redcurrant flavour. I find a touch of residual sugar, under 2 grams, towards the finish, a certain low-key sweetness. It ends roundly, with the fruit peeking out. The exit is clear. Better from July 2013 onwards. 13°. Bottled only two weeks ago. 13°. 350,000 b this year. To 2015  May 2013

2011 ()

pink robe, hint of red; has a wide, well-sustained red fruit air – there is plenty in the bouquet, which suggests drinking with food over solo/aperitif, the depth good and confident. The palate holds compact red fuit, has substance: toffee, white raisin notes come through towards the finish, offering a squeezy, tightly packed depth. Good link between nose and palate – this is serious rosé, with body and sustained content. Herb and garrigue notes bring up the finish. Tasted blind. 14°. 2014-15  Oct 2012

2010 ()

pale, bright pink. Fresh, inviting aroma that has a light display of red berry fruit. Inviting is the word – this suggests a perfect aperitif, and encouragement of good times. It shows the extra Rhône depth beyond that of the typical rosé de Provence, note. Well-knit redcurrant fruit leads the palate, a light jam in it. Fresh acidity at the end. I feel it would give more if decanted. The nose suggest the aperitif, the palate invites dishes. There are good, herbal moments late on – it is well grounded there. The late fruit is fine. Hors d'oeuvres, summer dishes, courgettes, aubergines dishes good avec. 14°. To 2014. €7.90 in Monoprix. Aug 2011

2009 ()

pink robe, red tints. Red cherry, redcurrant fruits aroma in a sustained bouquet, also spice and curry powder that perk it up. The palate is beau – has attractive, aromatic body, good red fruit and a pleasing texture. The aftertaste persists, is aromatic, the length sound. I like its length, persistence that raise it above the norm. It is rich enough to be food friendly, notably southern dishes. “It can go as aperitif, or with grills, white meats, chicken,” Philippe Guigal. July 2010


pink, with minor red tints in the robe. Live bouquet of cherry fruits, brioche baked bread and strawberries. The palate holds a supple, red cherry fruit; there is something of the red wine in its depth, a serious side to it, and late weight. It ends on a redcurrant note. Food better for this, rather than aperitif. Malo partly done this year. To 2011. Bottled March 2008. Dec 2008


pale pink robe; cherry and strawberry aromas in a bright bouquet. This is nice and supple on the palate, with the red fruits delivered in the light, airy style. Has nice flow and can be drunk solo. The fruit is persistent and finishes on an aromatic note. 13.5 – that works well, too. w.o.w. wine (what one wants). Jan 2008 “The moment the sun comes out, we sell the Côtes du Rhône rosé,” P.Guigal.