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The Wines

1986 Syrah from alluvial soils running top to bottom on Dardouille, west end of Tournon, whole bunch fermentation 14-17 days, cap punching, pumping overs, aged 12 hl barrel 12 months, unfined, filtered, from 2010 (just 1 St Jo red) 4,000 b

2012 ()

(300 hl oak cask, sugars finished, malo not yet) red robe, a bit darker than 2011. Has a safely wide nose that bears ripe red fruit – runs laterally, has three-quarter depth and grainy touches. The fruit runs easily along the palate, has fair depth, and clusters some late tannin. The exit is aromatic, with truly appealing, and prolonged, fruit there. A good drinking wine of some charm. I find that the fruit (without the matter) reminds me of 1991. “It is perhaps similar to 2000,” Bernard Faurie. 2023-24 Nov 2012

2011 ()

shiny, quite dark red. Has a round blackberry, raspberry and licorice aroma, the palate also very fine and round. A wine that takes small footsteps at a time, can be drunk solo, has subtle body. Its fruit is very pure. It is always harmonious. Bottled 3 weeks ago. €19 at the cellars. 13°. 2020-22 Dec 2013 Previously Nov 2012 *** (used 600-litre cask, bottling Jan 2013) bright red. Good roll of red cherry fruit on the nose, which is open and sweet-toothed, shows good appeal. The palate has a little spark in its red fruit, an appealing gummy texture from half way. Red cherry fruit lies at its centre, has a licorice tingle, and shows dustiness towards the end. The length is decent. Correct wine, but not a great deal more than that. From 2014. 2021-23 Nov 2012 Previously Nov 2011 *** (cask, sugars completed) bright red, good. Clear aroma of red fruit, berry, a nutty backdrop, and a core of black raisin, young raising wine airs. The fruit is calm on the palate, has a pocket of sweet, easy virtue. The style is round, on the charm. The finish is fragrant, the aftertaste clear and sympa, red cherry fruit lies there. 12.4°. To 2020 or so. “I think the 2011 Saint-Joseph reds will do well and be OK; often you get years like 1997 and 1987 that do really well,” B.Faurie. Nov 2011


(11.5 hl barrel, bottling in three weeks, now the only red Saint-Joseph) quite full, attractive red; really good bouquet – blackberry and road tar, licorice, is very typical, and carries some granite lift. The palate delivers blackberry fruit with brisk, bright tannins around it, either side. An engaging wine, really bonny. Excellent drinking solo, w.o.w. – you can have fun with this. Jocunditas in the glass. The balance is good, primo. If drunk young, you can feast on its fruit, but it can certainly deliver a successful second stage. The finish is clear – this is a beauty in its youth. 2022-24 Nov 2011


dark red robe. Black fruit, cassis with a top note of mineral freshness and granite grip comes through on the nose, a wisp of violet with inkiness, licorice. It has the vintage heat dustiness. The palate channels a direct black fruit with tight juice, a thick grape skin push from the tannins on the finish. It is still on its grip, has a tight rockiness, and again a light floral leaning. This is genuine, STGT wine due to the terroir and the vintage walking in a good duo. 13.5°. 2027-29 Oct 2016


bright, full red robe; lively, pepper-black fruits such as black cherry, also mulberry, young energy nose – it is lithe and very typical of the Syrah from this granite site, takes me back 30 years. The palate gives agreeable black fruit with clear lines and a “drink me” wink in its eye. There is enough juice in the palate to be sympa – a fresh and fun drink here, early wine to capture all the fruit. It ends a little dryly. To 2013-14 Nov 2009


purple, mauve robe; pretty fruit right away on the bouquet – aromatic red fruits. Cassis, cleanly fruited start to the palate – this is nice and relaxed. The length is good, and there is a little, friendly late sweetness. w.o.w. wine – get on and drink me. It is just a little lean in the eye of the vintage, but a bonny do in the short-term. 2010-11 Dec 2008


bright, bonny and authentic robe. The nose is softening nicely, and has thrown off any 2005 stiffness. It displays agile, fine black fruit that suggests small grapes that have good, deep juice in them. There are mineral and cocoa glints in the bouquet, too. The palate bears a 2005 line of clarity, runs clearly, with fine tannin; it develops a violet, nourishing finish. It has developed weight after half way, all very in tune with what should happen to a 2005. It is certainly faithful to the vintage, consummately so. The finish is fresh. I love the fact that is just 12.5°. 2019-20  Nov 2011  Previously Dec 2007 ***(*) bright, cherry-black robe. Has a fresh-toned and pretty aroma, with life and clear fruit in it. The touch is bright but sure, with some violet here. The palate holds clear fruit, as from the granite with its crisp nature. It is a whole bunch wine, and the late palate has a bit of that stemmy character. Drink from 2010, for instance. 2017-19 Dec 2007 Previously April 2006 (cask) ***(*) bright purple is appealing. Solid bouquet - licorice, pepper outcrops. Elegant and quite dense palate, very clean fruit, STGT wine. Sound length. Lovely drinking without the need to pause and reflect. Some richness and width on finish. A real goer in its youth. 2014-16 April 06

2004 ()

there is some darkness in the red. This has a supple, “fresh” jam aroma of black fruits, with violet and licorice. The palate has a minor sweetness of black fruit, comes along easily but is just a bit got up. There is a little tannic casing. It drinks well now, has some of the usual house clarity, but is a bit sweet, as if chaptalised. To 2012-13. Dec 2007 Previously May 2006 ** cherry, openly fruited, appealing aroma. Young red wine juice flavour with a little sweetness, not homogenous on the palate. Rather narrow, lacks roundness, drink early, before 2009. Not in the same league as when tasted five months ago, this was bottled three weeks ago. "I had some hail in 2004, that hit my young vines higher up the hill and took out 35%. It is a little dry" B.F. Previously Dec 05: (cask) **(*) exuberant black fruits aroma, nicely ripened. Black berry flavour, juicy and harmonious. A little tannin present. Round and pleasing, its fruit is very attractive now. To 2009-11

2003 ()

open, scented black jam aroma, cool touch to it. Berried fruit, a violet imprint, length sound. Tucked up at end, needs time, eg from 2007. Stylish wine, not forced. 2016-18

2002 ()

fair red robe; has a scented red fruit aroma that is soft and contains a little white pepper. The palate red fruits come with some minerality and a bonny tannin. There is some sweetness on the finish, and it a bit fragile now. To 2009. Dec 2006 Previously Dec 2004 ** nose a bit closed; black brambly fruit on palate. Gets taut, bit dry towards finish. Rather sharp. Leave till 2006 to settle more. 2010. Dec 2004 Previously **(*) some cassis jam aroma. Fruit gum flavour, quite clear, pleasant. Early wine.


decent, quite ripe fruit nose, some energy. Sound berry fruit, plus tannin, nice chewy touch on finish. 2004 on. 2009-10


still has a complete, dark robe; the nose is elegant, with sprinkled black fruit and a wee hint of game and a little violet. This has been decanted and is still very young and fresh. There is a refreshing liberty in the bouquet – space is allowed. The palate delivers black fruit with an upright, waiting game style, is an STGT wine of exceptional purity. Has a super clean finish – is clear all through. Great wine from another age and a vigneron outside the superhighway. Is lovely now. To 2013 Dec 2007 Previously *** quite intense aroma, violets. Discreet flavour creeps up, sound tannin, good mid-palate and length. Stylish, pure. 2009-12

1998 ()

lively, typical wild fruit nose; understated black fruits, tannins dry it towards end. Proper, elegant wine. 2004 on. 2010-13


warm, wild dark fruit nose; sinew in its berry fruit attack. Sound length, some tannin. Stylish. 2005-07