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The Wines

30-40% purchased crop, 60-70% purchased wine, 90% southern sector, 10% northern sector, 2-3 week concrete vat vinification, daily pumping overs, raised 90-100% vat, 0-10% 1-2-3 year old 600 and 228-litre oak casks 11-13 months, 1.5-2,000,000 b

2019 ()

dark, full red; the bouquet gives a live air of black cherry fruit, a note of licorice, has a sweet undertone. The palate comes forward well on a bonny wave of black fruits, good freedom of expression with the attack serving it well, making the running. The finish tones down into a violet, lightly powdered moment. This is on the money, easy to drink, fun Crozes, can do solo or grills. 2026-27 Dec 2020

2014 ()

(vat) shiny dark red. The nose gives a brewed fruit air, simmered black berries, and is pretty pure. The palate offers entertaining black fruit with a free expression. Supple tannins are followed by a small late grainy note. This is deft Crozes rouge, a wine that is light on its feet. €13.10 at the cellars. To 2019  Oct 2015   

2012 ()

dark robe, colour goes all the way. Simmered-mulled black fruits with a perfumed, freesia style scent; it is very much in the here and now, is upfront, a touch grilled and nearly ready. The palate swings along well, gives a good wave of supple, scented fruit, is very much close to the grape. Rhône with a good Beaujolais freedom, is very easy to drink, w.o.w. wine. It takes in a little tar darkness on the finish. Juicy, Rock n’Roll wine, nice and busy, great in bistrots. Good length. From mid-2014. 13°. To 2020-21 Nov 2013


dark, lustrous robe. Blackberry, black cherry airs full of gush and gusto. There are airs of licorice and flowers. The palate fruit rocks along, even if it is made with assertive intent. A bouncy Crozes, no holding back, to drink on the up, young. Has a supple style, the fruit ripeness pronounced. The tannins are mild. Suited to grills, bar foods, or can be drunk solo. To 2016  Nov 2012

2010 No Rating

mild red robe; the nose is subdued, its black fruit suppressed, jam-like in style. There is rather heightened acidity on the attack, and it curls up towards the finish, ending on a lactic, unconvincing note. Not a good show, was better before bottling in Tain. Tasted blind in London. May 2012 Previously July 2011 *** (vat) dark red, some black tints. Ripe, soaked black fruits air, has something of the best about it, comes from big critter country, and also carries a cendré, ash note. There is a similar high note on the palate for now. The texture is really supple, bears juicy, black stone fruit. A plump operator with good, ripe tannins, and a wine that suggests it will be round for much of its life, like 1985. There is also a tidy freshness on the finish, so it is not purely a gourmand wine. Good for the CHR trade, bistrots etc, and has w.o.w. potential to go with a variety of foods. From mid 2012. 2017-18 July 2011

2009 ()

rather dark red. Sweet, perfumed first nose, some balked fruit within and beyond, cigarette smoke. The palate resembles the nose – it gives softly textured, scented red fruits, even strawberries. Ends in harmony – there is not striving for big-ness here. Agreeable, undemanding, with likeable finesse. It is very much in the here and now. The fruit is a little “high”. To 2015. Nov 2010


red robe, a little darkness at its centre; has a black berry aroma, with some freedom of touch, a little earthiness, melted raspberries, too. Its early fruit is very drinkable – it lacks a little true body, and is rather like 2004 in nature. Modest – is a wine for now, is a bit narrow. 2010-11 Dec 2008


hint of fundamental around its red fruit – the nose is a little stewed. There is a good raspberry hit on this, it comes with tannins at the end that tighten it. Nice to drink now until 2010-11 or so. Has improved with time in the bottle. Dec 2008 Previously Jan 2008 * mild, mid+ red. There is toffee and a little black fruit in a cautious bouquet, along with a touch of snap from some pepper. The palate is also restrained and a wee bit limited. Is a bit narrow, not very fully set. Some vegetal towards the finish. In bottle for 1 month now. Try in May 2008 to see if it can become more ensemble and round. 13°. 2010-11 Jan 2008 Previously Dec 2007 * modest plum colour robe; spiced red fruits aroma that is rather downbeat, lacks freshness and is like polished up jam. Brewed fruits come through on the palate, but lack clear fruit definition. This is a little soupy, with the red fruit flat in tone. Lacks a crisp finish, is a bit sticky. Very plain wine. To 2010. Dec 2007

2005 ()

mid-red, strawberry colour; the nose is just starting its secondary phase, shows red fruits and pistachio nuts. The fruit is quite wiry and slim on the palate, with a late dry tendency. Has richness, but not exuberantly so. The length is good, so drink from 2008 for more roundness. To 2011 June 2007 Previously Nov 2006 *(*) quite a dark red; red berries, mildly scented nose. The palate delivers red fruit with an easy option, this is a wine for early drinking. It rolls on without real flair, and has some late bite from its tannin. To 2010 or so. Nov 2006


modest robe; soft, even nose; simple, touch dilute. Plain light red jam. OK, just light. Drinkable fruit-spice mix. Drink early, by end 2006. Tasted twice.


overt grapy, black fruit nose; quite punchy black fruit, bit pebbly/dry end. Vibrant, can soften. 2007-09


sappy blackberry/liquorice aroma; loganberry flavour, easy style, touch tannic at end. Quite rich, has vigour, charm. 2005-06


fresh cassis aroma, cool edge, good; good poise, dark fruits round out well. Fair length. Nice grip. Esp 2002-03. To 2006-07