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The Wines

1950-1980s Syrah on wooden stakes, S, S-E (warm), also N-W (fresh) facing hillside sanded granite soils on Les Rivoires at Tournon, destemmed until 2018, when 80% destemmed, 3 week vinification, pumping overs, cap punching, raised 5% new, 95% 228-litre oak casks 15-16 months (until late 2010s aged 40-50% new, 1-5 year 228-litre & 600-litre oak casks, 50-60% steel or resin vat 10-12 months), filtered, part sold in bulk, 1,500-3,200 b


(steel tank) dark red, black tints in the robe; the nose is nicely together, black fruit berries on the go, licorice, good sunshine, a liqueur-coulis sweetness that appeals. The palate bears good, rolling black fruit with plentiful juice, then grilling, oak. It’s more abundant than the 2017, is certainly well juiced. There’s a note of late crunch, and powder intensity in the tannins. “The ripeness was advanced this year, so I included 20% of the stems,” Stéphane Rousset. From 2022-23. 2036-38 Feb 2020


red robe; strawberry, red cherry, pinpoint aroma, carries iron, smoke. The palate is a bit strict, holds red juice of some intensity, with nerve, steel, ends on vegetal crunch, crisply. There’s a juicy flourish on the attack before it tightens up. This demands time – from two years, 2022. It can rise above ***, I reckon, but patience necessary. 3,000 b. Bottled May 2019. 2033-35 Feb 2020


(casks/vat) dark red colour. This has a gingerbread, sweet sponge cake aroma, with a raspberry, red berry fruit presence within. The palate bears savoury content, a constant sweetness of delivery, succulence on the agenda. The flavour resembles cooked plums with a note of orange. It drinks openly, lacks the finesse of the best. 13°. 3,200 b. Now until 2022. Nov 2017


(vat/casks) sombre dark robe. The nose has a meaty, lamb stock aspect, a pretty seasoning of rosemary herbs. There is a coy note of raspberry within. The palate is trim, orderly, holds grainy red fruit, with cut in its tannins. It develops more depth on the finish. It is in a very young, naked state now – it needs 15 to 18 months to fuse the rocky nature of the finish, that 2013 dustiness, with its red fruit. Some would find this lean. I back a slow gain in depth. 13°. 2,800 b. From mid-2016 or later. 2022-23  Jan 2015


(vat/casks) rather dark. The bouquet has an oxtail, meaty density – it is firm, pretty deep, unbridled, rocks on, shows licorice. The palate is closed in, but offers savoury red fruits that have a clear, grainy sand quality in them, a “precise dustiness.” The spearmint touch on the aftertaste is interesting. This is a wine of character, and the “spark” of iron oxide. There is a touch of vegetal, basil and pine. Nicely wild, a bit of a Punk Rock wine. From late-2015. 13°. 2023-24  Nov 2013

2010 ()

(vat/casks) dark, shiny; has a berried supple air, light salt here – a poised, interesting nose that bears fine notes of fruit, light flowers, is quite modern. The palate has a clear tang in its black fruit, its juiciness is very appealing, and you want to drink this w.o.w. wine. It shows a little late and clear tannin, all in order. The finish is restrained, and needs leaving until autumn 2012 for that part to fuse in. A wine of character, fine features. 2018-19 Nov 2011


(casks) full robe with a purple-violet top. Oaked, solid bouquet – has a chunky style, is rather backward and ungiving, has grainy airs. Fruit flows on the palate despite its oaking, has a gras richness in it, surrounded by nutty notes. It is right in the throes of its raising now – wait until late 2012. A flourish of juice on the finish promises well. Pretty good possibilities if the baked tannin absorbs, which I think it will. 2018-20 Nov 2010


dark colour; stewed, quite sweet, compact stone fruits aroma, with a smoky top and the sense of the granite`s swirl (tasted blind). Rich-toned fruit, with plenty of ripe persistence. Quite rich sides to it, holds good, savoury potential and is clear on the finish. The oak is prominent now, but the fruit is clear. Can do well in a second stage of life, as well. 2015-17 Nov 2006

2004 ()

brewed, chocolate aroma, full with raspberry elements, holds a subtle depth. Sleek lining to palate fruit, then some middle richness. Well shaped, raspberry fruit, is lithe but also possesses body. Good character, with a tar, quite punchy finale. 2007 on. 2012-13 April 2006

2003 ()

full robe, full bouquet - packed and peppered. Plenty of black fruits and vigour on palate, with licorice on finish. Good quality of fruit, has life. True tannins are helpful, nice cool edge on finish. Length OK. 2006-07 on. 2016-18


(cask) even, black fruit aroma. Fruit gums taste, bit plain. Easy to drink, lacks depth. Some tar on finish


scented prune aroma; red fruits/floral flavour, some upright tannins. Interesting fruit, some middle flesh. Open wine, sound. Length OK.