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The Wines

from sand-clay soils, stony, southern sector, destemmed, 21-25 day vinification, 1 part vat emptying/refilling, aged 2-6 year oak 6-8 months, egg white fined, filtered, can be called Etienne Barret in GB, 35-40,000 b

2016 ()

dark red colour. The bouquet is snug, has an air of tangy black fruits, a hint of prune, very mild oak. The palate offers immediate raspberry, mulberry fruit flavours with a neat richness allowing it to roll along enjoyably; it’s lucid and free. The finish brings in a little salted, minted, tarred tannin. This is good for steaks, grills, has enough body for them. 12.5°. To 2021. Nov 2017

2013 ()

dark colour. The nose isn’t all together yet: shows reduction, some acidity, a crisp cut with dark fruit inside. The palate is also a little on the green side, the tannins rather brittle. A wine with rather nervous disposition. Perhaps another nine months will help it to fuse and settle. The fruit never gets into a free run. 13°. 35,000 b. Bottled July 2014. From 2016. To 2019  Jan 2015


rather dark robe; soft fruiting, nothing forced, on the nose; its relative reserve suggests recent bottling (tasted blind). Its raspberry fruit can move forward. So, drink from mid-2014. The palate offers supple fruit with a little gourmandise to raise its game, the finish roundly fruited. Drink with shepherd’s pie, simple dishes, pastas without spice. It has steady, likeable length. A no-nonsense wine. 12.5°. To 2017. £85 per 12 in bond, J&B in GB.  Nov 2013

2011 ()

dark robe; the nose has a coated air of blackberry, animal forces – a note of thunderous intent, with beefy tones to it – this starts on grounded depth, is encouraging. The palate is broad, big on texture and rub-a-dub fruit; it has a gummy layer on the finish, and lasts pretty well. A bit of a bruiser, it goes out to make a statement – is an oily, broad, manly wine that is suited to autumn and winter dishes for now. Probably just bottled, so will relax during 2013. For now it is a scaled-up Crozes. From 2014. 12.5°. 2020-21  Nov 2012


full, dark red; broad but not showy bouquet – simmered black fruits with hung game airs, a very manageable density. It is reductive, a bit cloudy. The palate delivers bounding fruit, with a really good central point, is tasty. It hasn`t yet properly widened, but this is definite w.o.w. wine. It ends on a little tannic graininess, anmd is an excellent example of Crozes as it should be – fruit, clear drinking, fun. There is a lovely mid-point on the palate, some black olive there, with freedom. Balance good. A get on and go wine, in the vintage vein. 12.5°. 2017-18 Nov 2011

2009 ()

full robe. Careful bouquet that is not on the go – an inlay of black cherry fruit that is clear, and has a pistachio, nut air also. Grilled nature here – prominent front of the mouth acidity from its extraction. It ends on grilled notes, in line with extraction in the cellar. In between these moments, and through it runs solid black fruit with good, grounded features. From late 2011 or later – time will help it. 12.5°. Marked on its potential. 2019-20 Nov 2010

2008 ()

fair red, not deep at top. Minor sweet, a bit of savoury in the nose, a murmur of red jam. The palate holds loose red fruit, lacks “sparkle”, runs quite steadily, but is clamped, not bright. Tar late moments. Respectable, not deep, but travels steadily. Oak will fuse by late 2010. To 2013. Dec 2009 Previously Nov 2009, London ** pale red. Light red fruit aroma, some floral scent with it. Brief, skimpy red fruit lead on the palate, then peppery outcrops from half way. Ends tamely, but overall is just OK. To 2012. Bottled July 2009. Nov 2009 “A supple year – there was not enough structure to merit it being fined,” E.Pochon


quite a dark robe; blackberry aroma that is quite big in construction. The palate is cellar-gripped for now. The oak straightens its fruit. Fair content, drink from 2008. The fruit is clear within this rather “spotless” wine. 2012-13 Dec 2006

2002 ()

pale; simple red jam aroma; transitory strawberry flavour, pulls up on finish, "where's it gone??" is the question. Early, early wine, should have been bolstered by older vine fruit this year.


direct prickly berry fruit nose; direct flavour, underlying tannin, black fruit returns. Fresh style, end tar. From 2004.


gentle nose; soft black fruit; charming, very drinkable, easy wine. Will lose early dryness on end. 2004-06

1999 ()

called Domaine Pochon blackcurrant/bacon, potential; cool, measured fruit. Some end tar. Very good fresh fruit, twitch of tannin. 2006-08


called Domaine Pochon ripe fruit, some game on bouquet; black jam fruit, earthy from its evolution. Has a full tone. Tasty. 2004-06