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The Wines

southern zone Syrah (1998-2009) from galet stone soils at Beaumont-Monteux, destemmed, 3 day cooling at 10°C, then 21-22 day vinification, closed pumping overs, manual cap punching, aged 60-80% concrete vat, 20-40% 4-7 year 600-litre oak casks 12 months, unfined, filtered, 35-50,000 b

2018 ()

sleek dark robe, black-purple tones. The bouquet has a pleasing oiliness of black fruits, a fine ripeness about them, a coulis style, the fruit pure. There are licorice backdrop notes. The palate drinks enjoyably, rolls well with cherry fruits, carries savoury appeal, takes on a darker, tarry tone towards the finish, which is a touch sudden. This is an on the button, smooth and stylish Crozes. The intensity of the finish sets it up for roast meats, beef dishes. It’s sure no patsy given its 14.5°, but is coherent and flows pretty well. 2023-24 Sept 2020

2014 ()

(vat/casks) dark red robe. The bouquet is unfinished, has a note of reduction, and an oily black fruit essence within. The palate holds joli black fruit with a fresh tannic sidecar, drinks well now. This is a neat package, a w.o.w. wine, the rounded finish and a nice increase in depth there appealing. 12.6°. 50,000 b. €6.70 is very fair, VALUE. To 2019.  Oct 2015


(bottling in 10 days) dark robe mixing purple and black. Crunchy, black cherry fruit air, a note of grilling and a rose-hip panoply present. This roars out of the starting gate, also has grilled aspects on the palate, builds into a dark chocolate, tar and cocoa finale after an offer of blackberry, loganberry fruit. The finish via its oak is still sudden, and a rather technical angle comes along, the fruit on autopilot. Very flashy. The oak is strong at the end. From late 2014. 13°. €6.30 ex cellars, 35,000 b. 2019-20  Nov 2013

2011 ()

(vat, pre-bottle) dark red. Attractive, rambling blackberry fruit air, with licorice and violet present. The nose runs well into the palate, the fruit juicy and holding fine acidity – it therefore ends roundly, quite freshly. A good early drinker. There is a note of iodine, a clarity, on the finish. Some reduction here - can be decanted. 2016-17  Nov 2012


Two bottles tasted – one softer than the other, both good. Dark robe; reductive, gamey but also scented, rather broad nose, shows fulfilling blackberry fruit within, is sultry and scented, along with lead pencil and red meat notes. The palate is interesting – it mixes refined quality, tasty fruit with grainy touches and tannin in one bottle, but softer tannins in the second bottle. There is a light floral infusion, rose-hip in the flavour. The length is good – the finale is determined. There is a lot here, both on nose and palate. It is a good cross between 2009 – the fullness and sun – and 2010 – the clear definition. Good balance in both bottles, the softer bottle is w.o.w. wine. From spring 2012. Bottled 9 Nov 2011. 2018-19. Dec 2011

2009 ()

(concrete vat) notably dark robe; black berry fruit with a backdrop of licorice, nutty, and a fresh chocolate air. Tight black fruit on the palate – it is compact, sealed up, has good, ripe tannins that are juicy. Structured, proper wine with a little end heat, a firm finish. To 2016-17 Nov 2009


1) (concrete vat, 50% of the wine, to bottle in two weeks) *** full robe, good black and purple. Peppery, active black fruit, cassis air, light floral notes. The palate black fruit has tension in it, a nerve as if it were from granite – there is almost an Ardèche influence here. The fruit runs well, the wine ends crisply with fruit still quietly present. 5 years. 2) (from 600-litre oak casks, 50% of the wine) *** dark, black-purple robe. Smoky, bacon, cassis aroma that holds up well. The palate black fruit has a tang from the freshness of the vintage and its oak. Its fruit ends on a reserved note, with licorice there. There is an enclosed wrap of matter around the fruit – the oak has contributed to that. OVERALL *** an interesting combination of elements here, solid quality. From spring 2010 can be OK; the only pause may be that the finish could be a bit stiff. Will be a bright wine, a rocker. 28 day vinification this year, and no chaptalisation. To 2013. Nov 2009


100% concrete vat raising this year, 3 rackings: full, dark red; has a rather metallic, stiff nose, but the air swiftly brings chocolate, pepper, raisin. The palate offers tight black fruit with steely tannin lining, is austere. The fruit is stubborn, does not travel down the line – maybe cask raising would have helped it. It finishes better – some cherry there, but there is this tar, bitter implant. Decant. From spring 2010. 2013-14 “It was on violets three months ago – now I find more crushed blackberry. At the time I found it my least favourite vintage so far – it was “light”, but had macerated well, and was nice and fresh before that,” Luc Tardy. Nov 2009 Previously Dec 2008 ** dark robe; minted, beef stock aroma – tea with a mineral, also sappy fruit at its core, perhaps some SO2. The palate delivers steady black fruit that is perfectly agreeable if a little lacking in depth. It runs along cleanly but doesn`t really grab the drinker and finishes rather airily. Pepper and a shimmer of oak on the finish. There could be more depth from late 2009, I sense – time may help it. To 2014. Dec 2008

2004 ()

touch of advance on the robe, a little paling, but was never a very dark vintage. Wide, elegant appeal on the bouquet - jam, berries, some spice, has a good, light touch. Tasty, open fruit here, with a fresh thread. The fruit really moves along well, and is remarkably persistent. A little late tar on show, with some mineral texture: this holds up very well. 2010-11 February 2007 Previously April 2006 ***(*) restrained, mild black fruits, honey nose, is rather refined. Easy fruit start with some roundness and a fruit gum middle flavour. Bouncy black fruit as it moves along, is a good, live and clear wine with a smoky aftertaste. STGT wine. Jolly drinking here. 2011-12


harmonious, cooked fruit, truffly bouquet. Good, wholesome fruit with some restraint, this zone of Beaumont is less showy than next door in La Roche-de-Glun, the fruit floats more. Sound length. Esp 2006 on. 2010-11 March 2005

2002 No Rating

(vat) no score: light fruit nose; black fruit pastilles effect on palate, light wine, a bit narrow. Short horizon - 2006 or so.


light stewed fruit/grilled tar notes; prune, tar, air tightens it, closed end, some tannin. 2004-05 on. 2010-11


gentle red; soft jam/nuttiness on nose; red berry jam, tightens near end. Gently fleshed fruit. 2007-09.

1999 ()

funky, highway smell, bit closed; nice berried fruit, jam, tannin mix. Some earthiness. Suave feel. 2006-08