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The Wines

1992 Syrah from southern sector, 12-21 day concrete vat vinification, some pumping overs, aged 33% vat, 67% fermenting oak barrel 10-12 months (was 40% 228-litre oak casks until early 2010s), fined, unfiltered, 2 bottlings 14 & 16 months after harvest, 58-60,000 b


bright, quite dark red robe. Has an aroma that combines ripe plum and mulberry, raspberry – it is plump, and gives a sweet coulis style fruit appeal. The palate starts in easy fashion, is supple, then develops light powder tannins towards the finish, moving into a more crunchy crescendo. This is good, unforced Syrah, with vintage truth. The aftertaste is aromatic, resembles elderberry fruit. From spring 2016. 13°. Bottled March 2015. €14. 2020-21  Dec 2015


shiny, dark robe. Calm, appealing blackberry fruit air, a bonny curve in it – off we go. This is w.o.w. wine, offers supple, juicy fruit and mild tannins, a really good ensemble. Slinky Crozes-Hermitage, a great wine bar drink. It holds round, supple and well-sustained fruit. There is a dark point of intensity on the finish, a small spot of black fruiting and content there, while a wee salinity helps its clarity. Drink now OK - it is fun to drink. 13°. To 2018  Nov 2013

2011 ()

dark robe. Crunchy black fruit aroma, some grilling and the air of prune and stone fruits. The palate is suave, scented with violet – this is a good, fulfilling drink. It is pliant all through, the tannins fitting in well. It drinks well now, is nice and supple. The acidity is low-key, is based on instant delivery. A nice and juicy, pleasure wine, w.o.w. It can be drunk solo, is fun. Good with many dishes – pastas, sausages, monkish, steaks, lamb cutlets, spaghetti Bolognese. 2018.  Nov 2012

2010 ()

(casks) good, thorough, dark robe. Has a creamy, easy to like fruit aroma of black berries, delivered with a spot of sweetness – an accessible bouquet. Good Chanos-Curson typicity on the palate – the elegance with a wee note of flowers, while the texture conforms to its place, being soft, and welcoming. Very good drinking – a wine that rarely combines the virtues of STGT with w.o.w. drinkability. It holds a good, low-key tannin that keeps it orderly and clear. Sound length, a fine finish, good balance – just the job. Best drunk young. 2016-17 Nov 2011

2008 ()

bottled this week: fair depth of red in robe. Nice smoky black fruit aroma, light mineral top air. Red berry fruit leads the palate, a small plump side to it, and then a nice pocket of gourmandise at the end. All nice n`easy, round, supple wine, on the instant, in the here and now. To 2012. Dec 2009


red, some black. Bright blackberry fruit aroma, right out there, quietly soft, too. Line of black fruit runs through the palate, with light tannic grip. This drinks easily, freshly, the length is fair. Sold to the Swedish monopoly. 2013-14 Dec 2009 Previously Dec 2008 *(*) dark robe; high tone, polish nose with a waxen black fruits air as well. Blackberry, prune and pistachio feature as well. The palate is a surprise after the nose – there is tension in the black fruit that doesn`t convince – suggests a wine wearing make-up. There is oak at the end to prop it up, a charcoal taste, and one has to ask the question: does this want to portray fruit, the vineyard or the cellar? The black fruit debut on the palate is agreeable, but the wine does not need this oak – it can please without that. From late 2009. Less oak, por favor, Vicar. To 2013 Dec 2008


bright, dark plum robe; the nose bears blackberry fruit with a little coolness in it. The palate is out and the go – has a direct, mobile nature. Is well suited for zappy drinking, the wine bar after work, for instance. May close and tighten a little around the second half of 2008, and indeed will have more cohesion then. Very much a child of the 2006 vintage, with its bountiful fruit, is a fun wine. To 2013. Jan 2008 Previously Dec 2007 *(*) supple, soupy black fruit aroma, with some beef stock present. The palate holds gummy fruit that is mild in expression. This is an easy, early drink, the flavour is red fruits, and the length is fair. Is a short horizon wine, but a correct one. Quite clear on the finish: this is pleasant drinking. To 2011. Dec 2007


dark robe; black jam, quite deep set and broad aroma ; the palate fruit slips down nicely, is pretty tasty, and the tannins are well infused, still apparent. Rolls off well on the attack, has good fruit and clean length. w.o.w. wine. To 2011. Nov 2006


compact, smoky black fruit nose. Full, dense, chewy palate. A lot of oak in with the tannins. Length sound. Tannins ambush too much for the moment. 2006 on. 2013-14

2002 ()

lightly smoked black fruit aroma. Mid-weight black fruit on palate, some pepper near finish. Charming by 2005. Sound, fair content. 2008-10


smoky, brewed black fruit aroma; upright, black fruit core, potential to widen. Peppery, tannic now. Quite direct, modern. From 2004. 2010-11


plum red colour, still in the game. The nose has reached an agreeable maturity, expresses a compact, mulled plum fruit with a tang of licorice, bosky darkness. The palate is tasty, with powdery tannins taking the reins after half way. It ends a little drily, with a garrigue style herbs presence. It is a bit on the tight, taut side. It evens out with 45 plus minutes of air, and has aromatic qualities. 12.5°. May 2015 Previously **(*) tar, bit of advance on nose, jam tones from the year; compact, stewed black fruit, was reduced, clearing a bit. From 2004. 2009-10


wild fruit nose, tar aspects, good and true. Cool palate fruit, stylish black fruits, then red fruits return. Has developed with age, has more foundation. 2008-10


sappy, earthy black fruit nose. Cassis/cherry, clean, straight wine, fair length. On its second phase, drink before 2006.