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The Wines

southern zone Syrah based around Beaumont-Monteux, from clay-limestone & galet stone sandy clay alluvial terrace soils, 4,500 vines per hectare planting, machine harvested, destemmed, open concrete vat 2-3 week vinification, daily pumping overs, cap punchings, steel vat-raised 9-20 months, fined, filtered, "drink with quail roasted with figs", has been called Classique de Clairmont, 15-50,000 b

2018 ()

dark robe, more black than red; the nose combines blueberry and black cherry fruit, has a neat centre, pure tones there. The palate is suave, runs with smooth flow of black fruits, mild tannins present. It has an open nature, with a hint of “high” in the fruit late on. It’s a comfortable Crozes, suited to mildly flavoured dishes. The finish brings a more grainy note, as per its rather chewy tannins. 14°. 47,000 b. €9.95. From late-2020. 2029-30 Nov 2019


dark red colour; the nose is on reduction, so needs air. There is a plump aroma of blackberry, ripe fruit at its centre. It has the sunny aspect of the vintage both on nose and palate, the latter rather simple, bearing easy, plump red fruit with a little tannin that is a trifle thin. The aftertaste is gummy. It’s a fair do, not more than that. 13.5°. From spring 2019. 2026-27 Dec 2018


dark red, slight purple at the top. The nose has a smoky bacon, grilled air, bears a raspberry liqueur aroma, isn’t yet all together. The palate is lined with perfumed red berry fruits, has a nice coolness after half way. The fruit bounds around in an engaging way, and this is a good w.o.w. Crozes, great for the wine bar or bistrot. It really hits the free drinking, fun button. 13°. 2020-21 Nov 2017


full robe, dark centre. The bouquet is potentially deep, will flourish if left until spring 2017 and decanted. There is stylish black fruit at its heart, some raspberry. The palate attacks well, offers generous content with suave tannins rolling through, is very typical of 2015. The fruit lingers in a neat spot as it ends. This is w.o.w. Crozes, all very engaging. 13.5°. 15,000 b. €4.97 export. 2022-23 Oct 2016


dark red robe. The nose is gamey, gives an air of prune, black fruit jam. The palate has a salty theme through it, flanked by black berry fruit. The roles may reverse with more time. It ends clearly, though the fruit is rather hidden. 13°. 50,000 b. €9.10. From 2017. To 2020  Oct 2015


quite a dark red colour. This has a supple, already open nose, gives airs of red berries with a sweet note on display. The palate is also supple, has an immediate, lively attack, picks up some fine tannin that helps the weight of the finish, which is cool, and shows a little tar-oak. The finish is a bit out of step. €4.97 ex cellars. 13°. 2019-20 Jan 2015

2011 ()

(vat) dark red. Black cherry-honey, agreeable air that has a note of sweetness in its coulis-style fruit. Has a squeezy, supple start, a bonny depth. It is smoothly textured throughout, runs on a sympa black berry fruit journey. Good drinkability, no fuss, very good for everyday consumption, is close to w.o.w. Offers pleasure, could be bottled now. Has a lightly floral close, all very tidy. To 2017.  Nov 2012

2009 ()

(vat) pretty complete robe, shiny. Rather elegant black fruit, black cherry aroma, smoke and olive influences. Good, flowing black fruit along the palate, has high drinkability, offers immediate pleasure. A rather crisp, clear finish completes a good picture. Nice supple palate – very drinkable. It could be served just a touch chilled. There are a few late licorice and tannin influences. Well made – what Crozes from the plain should be. w.o.w. wine. Drink especially now to 2013. To 2016. Nov 2010


mid-depth red; red fruit-caramel mix on the nose, some amplitude, also a pepper note from lack of 100% ripeness. Speckly, pepper-spice red fruit debut, lengthens with acidity driving it forward, has a pebbly, airy aftertaste. Graphite style, wee vegetal palate that requires food. From late 2010. 2013-14 Dec 2009

2007 ()

black, dark red robe; cherry fruit with a chalky edge and acetate on the nose – also olive, which is typical of this zone. Modern, direct, down the line wine on the palate – brisk black fruit, no sideways glances as it advances. The fruit is crisp, ending on a saline note. Late licorice and sweetness are apparent. It doesn't really wrap its arms around the drinker. Drink in modern, maybe minimalist surroundings, not leafy glades. To 2014. Dec 2008


(vat) quite dark robe, black content in it. Has reserved nose led by black fruits – the aroma is homogenous, compact and pretty wide; the fruit is gently brewed, and there is a touch of the fundamental in it. There is an immediate pulse of cassis style, maybe black cherry fruit, then the wines closes again and becomes reserved. The fruit is cleanly struck. Late tannins show up. From late 2008. Promising. 2013-14 Dec 2007


subdued black berry colour; reserved nose with some reduction obscuring it. The palate carries red jam fruit of easy weight: is an early drinking wine, that bears a little late tannin. A wine of modest horizons. 2009-10 Nov 2006


gummy fruit aroma, is mild and smells of red fruit lozenges. Some spice present in the soft red palate fruit, not esp interesting, plays one simple card. Drinks respectably, no loose edges. Lacks nuance, is rather commercial. April 2006

2003 ()

full robe; bouquet is full of ripe, dark fruits, also a garrigue, herbal influence. Sweet black jam taste, some pepper and thrust in it. Minted, tannic length, aftertaste a bit burnt. Quite weighty, needs till 2006. 2011-13

2002 No Rating

sound robe; compact, withdrawn bouquet. Little taut on palate, black fruit is edgy. Bitter aftertaste, ends emptily. Acidity apparent. London Feb 2005 Previously ** lightly grilled red cherry fruit aroma; red fruits with pepper edging on palate. Light wine, lacks a squeeze of flesh. Light tar on finish. Summer drinking.


peppery black fruit/licorice aroma. Cool textured black fruits - the vintage imprint. Runs on through mid-palate, tar/licorice towards finish. All very clean. More on offer around 2005. To 2008