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The Wines

30-53% Grenache, 20-32% Mourvèdre, 4-18% Syrah, 0-10% Counoise, 4-28% Carignan, 0-5% Cinsault drawn from from a varying mix of Chantal (W), Les Garrigues, Les Combes (N-E), L’Ebrescade, Cros de Romet, Les Seppes, Les Partides, Les Bayes, La Meyeau, Les Beauchières (S-E), La Ridel (N-E), vineyards 1940s-1970s, semi-destemmed, 8-12 day vinification - 65% semi carbonic maceration, 35% traditional fermentation, aged 50-80% concrete vat, 20-50% 24 hl large barrel or 3-5 year 600-litre oak casks 6-12 months, unfined, unfiltered, several bottlings, organic wine, 45-50,000 b


dark plum red colour; the bouquet is a discreetly stirring mass of dark red berry fruits, with prune, thick juicing, and a sense of garrigue herbs. It’s a good, promising opening, leaves the door ajar to more bounty over time. The palate has a cassis, raspberry opening, with tasty, savoury content, and good freedom in the fruit. It keeps its power within limits, and has a firm, secure run to the finish. The fruit can develop along the palate with more time. The freshness on the late stages serves it well, the length sure. This has energy and tempo, some of it on carbonic gas which I can feel, all very Richaud. 15°. 40% Mourv, 30% Gren, 20% Syr, 10% Carignan. 2029-31 Aug 2020

2016 ()

deep, full red robe; the bouquet is full, lines up a sweet row of blackberries that glisten with a comely ripeness, some dusty trails airs attached. There is still mystery beyond, more prompts to emerge. The palate is wholesome on the attack, gives an immediate surge of black berry content with dash in the bright tannins, running on with gusto. Good life force here. It will fill a large glass well. 15°. 80,000 b. 53% Gren, 22% Mourv, 11% Syr, 5% Cins, 5% Counoise, 4% Cari. From spring 2020. 2038-40 Mar 2019 Previously Feb 2019 ***(*) dark red; blackberry fruit, black olives present a good challenge in the nose, black cherry with some refinement. The palate has a gourmand, broad start, flows on sève, old vines sap, holds lissom content with a good close, lots of live and ripe tannin in play. This is good, is a real Road Runner with a serious side, is most engaging. It has come along in bounds. 15°. 2037-39 Feb 2019 Previously Oct 2017 ***(*) clear red colour. Small red fruits accumulate on the nose, a depth of red cherry, some wistful strawberry, a tiny thread of mineral. This attacks well via enjoyable gras richness, good squeezy features, has a dense second half that is typical of 2016, tannins within it and gummy. It just keeps its power under wraps: there is a slight sense of eau de vie.The finish is chunky. This needs decanting, needs to be prised open. 15°. 50% Gren, 25% Mourv, 5% Cari, 10% Syr, 5% Cins, 5% Counoise. From spring 2019. 2026-28 Oct 2017

2015 ()

(vat/barrel) dark red robe. The nose is inky and a little bit tinny; there is an air of black stone fruit, licorice and coffee, a lightly savoury under-note. The palate gives chalky moments in its tight black content, and ends a little bereft of its fruit. It clamps down swiftly on the finish. Still very much en jeunesse, so leave until mid-2018. It can make progress. 14.5°. 48% Gren, 32% Mourv, 16% Cari, 4% Syr. 2024-26 May 2016 

2014 ()

dark robe with a good sheen. The nose has an air of really clear dark fruit with a note of nutshells, a bonny inky, pulp, squid-like aspect. It’s not yet quite all out in the open. The palate dances along with good purpose, the red berry fruit bright and entertaining. It develops a really savoury aspect, a true gourmandise, yum yum it goes. This is marvellous, a real Road Runner with energy, redolent of les bons temps. There is a lightly perfumed sign-off, a sudden softening there. 14.5°. €10 export. 2022-23 May 2016  Previously Apr 2015 ***(*) (assembled two weeks ago) glistening dark robe. Cool, lucid black fruits aroma which is gently round, has a joli serenity and depth. The palate is a shade reduced, holds gummy fruit and beau matter at its heart, comes with style. It runs freely into a neat, tidy finish. Fruit on the go here. 30% Gren, 28% Cari, 24% Mourv, 18% Syr. Gren/Syr large barrel raised, Mourvèdre, Cair concrete vat raised. To 2020 Apr 2015

2010 ()

healthy, full robe; young, vigorous bouquet with potential; there is a nutty surround to its free wheeling black fruit, prune and leather combine in what is not a Grenache-imprinted aroma. Good depth and foundation on the palate – this runs right along, has very good reach. This is the gear – classy, very sympa, fun drinking with greater finesse than many. The fruit is bright, even brilliant. Has a good sense of purpose, and leaves the palate clear and ready for more, indicating that the balance is great. The aftertaste is smoked. w.o.w. wine. 15°. 47% Gren, 19% Mourv, 17% Carignan, 14% Syr, 3% Counoise this year. 2018-19 Feb 2012

2009 ()

sound, bright red. Oily, warm bouquet that is young and ripely fruited. It shows vanilla pod, licorice,and the fruit is bright in manner. The palate sets off on attractive red fruits, has an oily texture, rocks with good length and shows a pebbly, licorice grain late on. The tannins have bite here. Settling down, though I note a little sulphur. 15°. 2018-19  Nov 2011


bottled 10 days ago: mild red robe; discreet red cherry aroma – baked red fruits – it summons early summer garden fruits. The palate red fruit hides its power, the couch of fruit is comfortable, squeezy, means business, especially late on where the wine becomes more firm and compact. Good pure fruit in this. To 2015. Nov 2009


bright, full robe. This has an attractive black fruit aroma – it has a suave air, also shows some violet, black olive notes, and a garrigue, herbs influence that emerges with air. The bouquet is stylish. The palate sets off with a creamy black berry, compact, rolled up flavour, with kick at its core, some alcohol evident. Its silken texture is enjoyable, the length good and full, the final flavour one of prune. It is full-on, ripe, but well orchestrated, is a big wine with some velvet coating. It emphasizes that Cairanne is always more suave than Rasteau, its neighbour to the east. Air releases tannins with clean lines. Marcel has handled the high summer heat well. 14.5°. 2012-13  March 2005


lustrous, attractive robe. Wholesome bouquet – gamey, balck fruits, broad, vigorous and prolonged. Warm, almost funky flavour – black berries with vigour and minerality. Excellent fruit articulation here, and tannic work that slides in nicely. Length is good. Character, STGT wine that is tasty, yo! To 2012. Sept 2005

1993 ()

very dark, thorough robe. There are “dark” smells a go-go on the bouquet, which is solid, sustained, but promises to flourish and emerge further. There are airs of red and blackcurrant fruits. The flavour is very even and consecutive – it rolls along smoothly, has few sharp edges. There is good mass in it. It is a technically sound wine, with some final tannin apparent. 2001-02 July 1995