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The Wines

55-70% Viognier at Chavanay, 30-45% Roussanne purchased crop mostly from N Rhône at Saint-Péray, though Roussanne can come from the Gard département (30), Viognier steel vat fermented, Roussanne 3-10 year 228-litre oak cask fermented, raised 5-8 months,varieties assembled just before bottling, malo blocked, 7-20,000 b

2015 ()

pale yellow robe. The nose has an elder fruit cordial aroma with grilling, nuttiness. It has a grounded depth, while floral notes help it towards a relative delicacy. The attack is on gras richness, right away – there is an immediate fleshy display from the Viognier, pear and apricot at its centre. It ends roundly. It could have a bit more lift. It is good for la table, is well made. 13°. To 2020 Oct 2016


fine yellow robe. There is a pear-peach debut on the nose, which has a clear, glinting quality, shows spring flowers. The palate centres on pear, white fruits, has a supple finish. This is graceful, easy and rounded drinking. I like the plump spot in mid-palate. 13°. 70% Vio, 30% Rouss. To 2019  Oct 2015 Previously Feb 2015 ** yellow robe. Green apple, pear, candy airs. The palate has a floating quality, holds a little squeezy fruit. It ends on a note of ginger, cut. Simple, easy, lightly fleshy wine. 13°. 7,000 b. Bottled two weeks ago. To mid-2016  Feb 2015


pale yellow, a glint in it. Salty air, mild pear, lime and aniseed all in the nose. This has flavour of peach, with direct control towards the finish. It swings along, has grip and a firm close. It is clear, precise targeted. It drinks well, nice and freely, with cut. 70% Vio, 30% R this year. Bottled May 2013. 13°. To 2016  Nov 2013


yellow tints. Has a nutty, pastry air, high fruit, glazed fruits and elderflower present. The attack is round, holds white stone fruit that has a little grace, while ending with clear lift. Has a peach, nut flavour, is suited to foods rather than solo. It runs nice and consistently along the palate, with no bumps. The length is decent. 13°. To 2015.  70% Vio, 30% R this year. April 2013


pale yellow; dried fruits, white jam airs. Pear influence on the palate, the Viognier there, has a nice, mild appeal, and finishes completely. There is agreeable gras, especially on the finish. Very food friendly wine. 13.5°. To 2014 June 2011


pale yellow; fresh, elegant nose – the pear and pear skin of the Viognier is prominent. On the palate the combo of varieties does well – it amounts to a pretty fruit flavour such as peach, with a little baked tart sweetness and honey at the end. A good wine for hors d'oeuvres, salads, can do the aperitif as well. Has good continuity along the palate. Good wine, w.o.w. 13.5°. To 2013. Nov 2009


yellow flint robe; has a Languedoc style nose, with a fresh glint on the Viognier aroma – it is channeled, direct, rather than broad, and a little tangy. The palate is mid-weight, with some acidity in the white fruits. There is a little fruitiness throughout, and it is nice to drink – aperitif or with sardines in olive oil. A touch of late breadth, but the final impression is of a wine of some bite.