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The Wines

80-88% Marsanne (late 1950s-mid-1980s), 12-20% Roussanne (until 2008 was 100% Marsanne) from 3 plots at St-Jean-de-Muzols, 2 at Vion, granite soils, southern sector, wild yeasts, fermented, raised 33-50% steel vat, 50-67% 3-5-year 400-litre oak casks 5-7 months (more oak, less raising time than in 2008), lees stirred, malo completed, fined, 6,600-9,600 b

2018 ()

(vat/casks) full, shiny yellow robe; the bouquet is a swell affair, bears tropical fruits, pineapple, mango, has overt weight, a buttery backdrop. The palate is immediately rich, furnished with fat content, layering of white fruits, peach to the fore. Its plump nature renders it wine for dishes that are sauced, and strong flavours. Its size means it’s not a free drinking wine. It suggests very ripe Roussanne present, which these days, ironically, may need help from the Marsanne to restrain and refine it, as opposed to the original intention 10 years ago! 13.5°. 9,600 b. 80% Mars, 20% Rouss. 2025-26 Nov 2019

2015 ()

yellow robe. Nuts, cooked Bramley apple, with notes of barley sugar and flan are in play on the bouquet. The palate bears a fine gras with a rolling dried fruits, glazed fruits mix as it goes. A little late freshness adds to its length. The finish shows some carbonic gas, an outside agent from that with its “pep”. 13.5°. 7,500 b. €11 export. 2020-21 Oct 2016

2014 ()

yellow colour; exotic fruits come bursting out of the glass - mango, papaya, guava strut their stuff. There is a backdrop of orange marmalade, a cooked citrus fruit firmness. The bouquet is broad. The palate serves more jungle fruits such as mango with a smoky, white tobacco ring present. This is fat, spiced, suggests plenty of Roussanne harvested very ripely (tasted blind). It is a touch flashy. 13.5°. €16 at the cellars. 80% Mars, 20% Rouss. 33% vat, 67% cask. 2021-22  Oct 2015 

2013 ()

full yellow, legs visible. Mango, melon, an air of syrup of exotic fruits all feature on the nose, pineapple chunks also. The palate is rich, thanks to very ripe crop being harvested. A note of licorice, aniseed drifts out to aid the clarity of the finish, where there is a little glow. Pretty well situated wine for la table, and soft cheeses, sauced dishes. It breathes a nice sanded granite provenance through its fine grain texture and a dab of tannin near the finish. 13°. 80% Mars, 20% Rouss, 50% vat, 50% cask, 6,000 b. €16 export. 2020-21 Jan 2015

2012 ()

fair yellow robe, mild green tints. Elderflower, salty zest features in the nose, one that gives a rather swish air of white fruits coulis and discreet oak. This is suavely textured on the debut, and that continues consistently. It drinks well now, on that relative largesse and roundness. The flavour resembles nut, flan, cooked peach, a small spot of banana. The finish is clear: it quietens as it ends, is lucid and even pebbly on the aftertaste, with cut. 13°. 80% Mars, 20% Rouss, 6,600 b. €15 at the cellars, €9.50 export. To 2018  Nov 2013

2011 ()

bottled last week: flint pale robe; rather “high” fruit air with sultry notes, white raisin. The palate leans towards reduction, so decant this. Has some sweetness and excess ripeness in it, is best drunk with food such as sweetbreads, pork, white meats. A bit sotto voce now, could be more live. From mid-2012 to have more bottle time. 13°. 2015-16 Feb 2012


steady yellow; softly aromatic nose – cooked peach and pear, a light flan air, some ripe lime here. The palate is well-styled, attractive and offers classy drinking. Very much an aperitif pleaser, lots of self sufficiency thanks to its easy roundness. Fat enough for foods, fish for example. Has a touch of late grip in a still fat and gras context. Very pretty, a w.o.w. wine. Best to drink in the short-term. 13°. To 2015 Nov 2011

2009 ()

clear yellow; reductive nose led by fennel, acetate, high tone, “high” fruit. The palate is firm, unyielding – has that texture all through. The flavour is nutty. Not supple. Decant and see what happens. 88% Marsanne this year, all oak raising five months. 13°. 2015-16 July 2010


(cask – the 85% Marsanne part of it, malo done) pale yellow; apple, baked fruits aroma. The palate is firm in texture, the flavour gives sturdy white fruits, the finish also sturdy. The Roussanne will help this to ease – it is square now, but there is wine here. Malo finished five days ago. To 2014 or so. March 2009


flinty yellow colour; oven cooked pear aroma, with brown sugar also hovering. The palate holds cosy white fruits – the flavour is apricot and vanilla, with late hazelnut grip, as the Marsanne puts itself forward. Authentic wine best suited to foods, not aperitif. To 2013. Dec 2008