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The Wines

80-100% Grenache blanc & gris, with Roussanne, Clairette blanche from the northern sector of Châteauneuf, 2 outside suppliers, steel vat fermented, raised 6-8 months on its fine lees, malo blocked, 10,000 b


subdued yellow robe; the bouquet is ripe and innately rich, very much a combination of Grenache blanc and a hot summer’s maturity. There is a note of petrol, aniseed-fennel. The palate starts broadly, is closed still, continues with a good, sure hand into an accomplished, full close. There is an undertone of carbonic gas which adds a perlant presence, distracts from the savoury pleasure. It’s well founded Châteauneuf, a true example of a table friendly wine. Decant it. 2031-33 May 2020


appealing yellow robe. Lemony, grapey, quince fruit airs mingle on a rather striking bouquet. The palate gets up and running without delay, has a salty thread with nutty sidelines, keeps going well into a spearmint finish, on the up and clear. This drinks freshly with the help of some carbonic gas, can provide a high class aperitif if you are feeling in the money. Just ****. 2028-30 Oct 2018


refined yellow robe. The nose is charming, a southern ripeness and finesse present as a neat duo. Pear, ripe peach combine well, with notes of lime and saltiness. It’s curvy and appealing. The palate sets off with the house trademark of some carbonic gas, a perlant lining to the attack. It comes with a compote of white fruits, apricot, whiute plum, dabs of spice – it has style, and gives immediate pleasure. It is a little sweet, nicely so. The aftertaste has a sea salt cut, sets up another glass. This is tasty and plump, with fine edges, joli length. It is fat, low acidity wine. 13.5°. 2022-23 July 2017

2015 ()

firm yellow colour. Airs of nectarine mixed with vanilla lead a pretty full bouquet, which also suggests exotic fruits, lychees, and curls of smoke. The palate is a still tight bundle, the flavour resting on dried fruits with a squeeze of thick juice from the white fruits present. There is a seam of freshness in the early stages, and the finish introduces grip, a pebbly feel. The aftertaste is tangy. It’s not really on full parade today. Try from mid-2018, decanting helpful, too. 2024-25 Oct 2017

2014 ()

clear yellow robe. The nose is subdued today (muggy weather), but hints at a ripe greengage plum, a note of vanilla. The palate is compact, quiet, comes with a little style. Aperitif Châteauneuf that can be more expressive with another few months. The finish is clear-cut. Day 2, clearer weather, high pressure: spring flowers, an open and clear bouquet. Lime fruit notes show on the palate, which moves with zest. The finish is spiced; it has enough body for hors d’oeuvres dishes. From spring 2016. 13.5°. €32.15. 2021-22  Oct 2015

2012 ()

(vat) rare combo of w.o.w. and STGT: flint colour. Has a pleasing peach aroma, a hint of lime-lemon behind – this is a calm and inviting bouquet that is balanced and nicely ripe, has a Grenache blanc style (tasted blind). The palate offers graceful white fruits, white raisin seasoning, is all very orderly and poised. It stretches out well, retains freshness. Really w.o.w. wine with proper drinkability, is delightful and easy to drink, its acidity subtle. Very long, rather STGT, too. 13.5°. 2020-21 Oct 2013

2010 ()

(vat) off cream colour; cooked pear, honey, honeysuckle air – a stylish bouquet, brioche baked bread here. The palate is tight-knit, has local gras present, and goes deep. Well-directed power and content = agreeable for southern dishes with plenty of garlic – fish soup with aoili – it would take that in its stride, easy. Lovely herbal infusion at the end. This has STGT character. A food wine, obviously. 2020-22 June 2011

2009 ()

marked yellow. Ample, broad nose, reflects baked fruit tart, flan, ripe airs with fennel and licorice here. The palate is shutting down ; ot offers a sense of muscle, but the fruit expression is hard to define – the muscle is the main event. It grips firmly on the finish. Decant this, or better, wait until spring 2013. It can live well, even if it holds some oxidative notes now. 13.5°. 2020-22. June 2011


yellow glints in the robe; has a melted butter, honey aroma that is round, comes with a little lime tart, but overall is hidden for now. The palate has a tight constitution – the flavour indicates hazelnut, peach stone. It lengthens steadily, shows late matter, a safe couch. It is suited to drinking with food, given its quietly solid nature. 13°. 2016-17 Jan 2008