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The Wines

60-80% Grenache (mid-1960s), 20-40% Syrah (1970s-1996) from clay-limestone soils at 360 metres, but 50%-50% in hot vintages, destemmed, cool maceration on Syrah for colour extraction, 3-4 week vinification at up to 28°C, regular pumping overs, part vat emptying/refillings, no press wine included, Grenache concrete vat, some 20 hl large barrel raised 12 months, Syrah raised concrete vat, 1-5 year 600 litre oak casks 12 months, unfined, filtered, “drink with beef, lamb, chocolate desserts”, organic wine, 8,000-10,000 b

2017 ()

dark red colour; the bouquet has an air of blackcurrant leaf, mint sauce, with a spicing interior, is lurking, more to come, has a savoury nature. The palate is vigorous, carries generous juicing, and lengthens with a sure, steady hand, no chinks. There are pockets of complexity, mystery here, with touches of rocks and red stone fruit, plums. It has great length, really parades a Grenache generosity along the second half, where there is just a small implication of power. There’s no doubt that the altitude has played a major role in this avoiding excess tightness and dryness this year. 15.5°. 80% Gren, 20% Syrah. €16 at cellars. From 2021, decant it. 2027-29 July 2020


quite a dark red. The nose is reserved, smoky, has bacon effects, is locked up but has potential, is broad, shows toffee touches. The palate is close-knit on the start – this is still in the cellar via its raising and grounded content. Has the promise to go with fully flavoured dishes, is a good Rhône standard bearer. A thorough wine with engaging, full fruit, good content, late freshness. The balance is good. From spring 2014. 14.5°. €9.50 at the cellars. 2021-22 June 2013


dark, shiny red. Prune and leather mix on the first aroma, soaked fruit present in behind – Grenache stewed plums, with chocolate, raisin and toffee ripeness that is near excess. The flavour is blackberry with mint and chocolate hints; the tannins are ripe and fit its wavy progress, riding along with its rolling movement. A dense wine with a rich tenor, a trifle exaggerated, though – so the end is powerful. Has a long, still raw finish, and the aftertaste is gummy, a bit sticky. Suited to game and stews. Doesn’t do finesse, so it has taken on this near overdone fullness once blended and bottled. 14.5°. 2019-20  Oct 2012  Previously Feb 2012 ***(*) (bottling in seven weeks) dark-tinted robe; the aroma is marked by smoke-gunpowder black fruit that have a crystalline focus in them. The palate is upright in shape – this is a frankly cut wine, but not strict. It ends crisply, with enough content to hold it together. Good clarity, a promising wine, it flows well for most of the route. From late 2013. 14.5°. €4.70 export. 80% Gren, 20% Syr. 2019-20 Feb 2012

2009 ()

sound full robe. Blackberry, smoky supple but full bouquet that carries cool notes on the sides, a good mix of menthol and garrigue herbs. The palate shows typical Visan straight down the line delivery, bears discreet tannic support and reveals a late fragrance also. Has a quiet intricacy. Its length is measured, not potent. Nearly ready. From mid-2012. 14.5°. To 2018. €4.70 export price. 80% Gren, 20% Syr. Feb 2012


still good and full dark red – the robe looks rich. Tobacco smoke and blackberry fruit start the bouquet, which still has potential. There are airs of laurel, some herbs. The palate starts broadly, is tasty, slowly maturing, with a soaked black cherries flavour, ending well on tight fit tannin. This is very good now, is going well, and will please since it all fits together well; all its elements are in good harmony. The finish gives fine fruit, is nicely oily and fresh, long. 14.5°. 2021-22 June 2013  Previously March 2009 ***(*) full robe; peppery, full, mulberry aroma with a nice clear ring to it, a touch of the baked zones. The palate starts gracefully, with pretty fruit and a good mid to late palate showing. There are lithe, attractive tannins, and good length. Beau – this can be drink early. 2015-17 March 2009 12,000 b this year Previously June 2008 ***(*) (vat) full, black colour; has a dense nose, the fruit not definable (raining today) – maybe wafts of black cherry now – but it is broad in shape, so the signs are good. The palate holds blackberry and plum fruit with a squeezy nature, and a nice southerm herbal, olive infusion. The aftertaste reflects scented tea. Supple, nicely filled wine. 2012. “We shortened the vinification a little this year to accentuate the fruit,” Marianne Fues. June 2008

2006 ()

full black robe; there is pretty width and a good comfortable tenor to the bouquet – blackberries, violets here, blueberry jam with some game and earthy airs – is nice and supple. A pliant texture greets the drinker – blackberry and red berry fruit with a fleshy, not overdone, mid-palate, and a good, consecutive flow until some fine-boned tannins enter. Good length, has pretty pepper at the end, also freshness. It shows well now in this fleshy, fruited state. Some late cool clarity is typical of Visan. Can be drunk solo. To 2011. thgis is a w.o.w. style of wine. June 2008


(vat) promising nose of simmered raspberry fruit with life in it. Holds some of the Visan sinew on the palate, red fruits present. The length is good, and the tannins present need leaving until around mid-autumn 2008. 2013-14. 4 week vinification this year. March 2007

2004 ()

full, herbal bouquet that prolongs well. Good start to the palate – rounded fruit with genuine persistence. This is well assembled, beau vin, with good grip, good length. 2009-10 “I would eat saddle of lamb, red meats or game in sauce with this,” Marianne Fues March 2007 Previously Feb 2006 *** baked, stone fruits aroma, some floral trimming. Supple, fruited start, the fruit nicely woven into the wine, with discreet tannic support. Classic shape here, length is OK, is good and fresh towards finish. Drinkable, toot-toot wine. 2009-10 Feb 2006


ruby towards the top of the robe which has a good red heart. The bouquet shows oily, raspberry fruit, licorice touches – a good ensemble. The fruit is clear, in good shape. It is holding well. Spice and inherent power are the first two impressions on the palate, but the fruit drops towards the finish. Airing can help this. The flavour centres on kirsch, plum. This sums up Visan – freshness, but also power. Licorice and leather come along on the exit. 14°. To 2016 or so. June 2013