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The Wines

70% 1970s Viognier, 30% 1990s Viognier from Condrieu, steel vat fermented at 18°, then raised 60% vat, 40% large barrel 7 months, 10,000 b

2018 ()

fine yellow; rather svelte aroma of pear, white peach, apricot, nuttiness. It has a little mandarin, citrus touch of freshness. The palate reveals carbonic gas, runs with a ready stream of white fruits, tang coming into the late stages, a note of knuckle, grip in on the finish. It’s a neatly assembled Viognier from its sanded granite origins, the length sound indeed. 2022 Dec 2019


yellow; salty, buttery nose, peach fruit, slight lactic note. The palate gives aniseed, with a rolling, steady richness, almond, apricot on board. It’s evolving already, is up for sauced dishes, chicken for example. It’s a bit sunswept. 14°. 2021 Dec 2019

2016 ()

yellow with a little depth in the robe. Has an attractive, rolling bouquet with some pear-apricot, ripe compote or stewed fruits at its heart, a fringe of lime style zest. This is a lively nose. This is perky, fresh, with easy gras at its heart, and a sure length, and detail in the late pear fruit, good clarity. This gives joli drinking, the aperitif suited. Its gras gives a sympa texture. 13°. Bottled March 2017. To 2020  July 2017

2014 ()

yellow robe; has a toasted, broad, nicely brimming nose, with plenty on display: there is an air of rich flan, apricot skin, mandarin freshness, all convened together – this is an impressive bouquet. The palate starts richly, and shows more depth than most vintages of this wine. It straightens out on a crisp, clean finish. There are direct, flinty moments along the palate. Lots to appreciate here. 12.5°. 2018-19  Apr 2015


yellow colour. Peach jam aroma, a little banana: the nose is just off its youth, into secondary, exotic fruits such as guava, plus banana flambé. It concentrates into a ball of cooked white fruits, white peach and twinkle-toed freshness on the finish. There is a dried fruits presence, meaning it is more compressed than the more free, uplifted 2014. It is now drinking with food such as fish, poultry. The aftertaste is tangy. 13°. To 2018  Apr 2015

2012 ()

pale yellow robe, legs down glass. Creamy, round, sunny nose with a good, deep pear compote aroma, definite aniseed and licorice. The palate mixes lively, fresh tones with a good strike of waxen, generous apricot and white peach fruit that leads to a spiced finale. Lots of wine here, and character. It is really nice and broad in the mid-palate before a cooler, more direct close. Very good, an exuberant wine in top form. “There was attractive maturity in the 2012 crop – it is a year of largesse,” Christine Vernay. 13°. To 2018  Nov 2013


mild pear yellow colour. The nose is a good mix of fruit and “steel”, has nice smoky grip; there is a note of orange zest, glazed sweets. There is a very small undernote of honey, and pear jam at its heart. The palate has a full flavour led by pear and apricot, a good line of acidity darting well through it. The fine acidity peps the finish. It isn’t very filled, but has a definite sense of direction, with its quite crisp drinkability. The ending is quietly firm. A wine with a bit more on the attack than the finish, is good, clear, pretty stylish. On Day 2: honeysuckle, Bergamot , stewed pears on the nose. More ample on the palate – honey, apricot. There is a flourish of fruit and beeswax on the finish. 13.5°. To 2015  March 2013

2010 ()

(bottled yesterday) pale yellow, a light robe; expressive bouquet – shows a well-settled pear aroma, a touch of pear skin adds spice, suggests a little tannin even, also light flan as a couch to it. Nice and supple debut to the palate, bears fine fruit; there is a line of structure in this, good bone keep it moving forward. It finishes quite firmly, and carries 2010 freshness at the end. 12.5°. 2015-16 June 2011

2009 ()

sound yellow robe. The nose is rich, has considerable depth in the 2009 way, is ripe. Shows exotic fruits, spice. The palate grips well, delivers marked cooked pear notes, lengthens and ends freshly. There is peach/apricot in the flavour, which is varied. It ends firmly, with a hum of power there. There is gras richness within this, and I rate it very good with Asiatic foods, for instance. I note more substance than usual. “In sunny years this is very rich, coming as it does from the exposed top of the plateau,” Christine Vernay. 13.5°. To 2014. Nov 2010


pale robe, a little yellow in it. The bouquet floats out – honey, white flowers, high tone, acacia, white pepper, banana – beckoning charm, and plenty of variety for a vin de pays. The palate offers nice n`easy drinking, has the domaine reserve. It keeps ticking over, and carries a pretty pocket of late gras or richness. Does the aperitif very well. Pear fruit on the aftertaste. w.o.w. wine. 12.5°. To 2013. Nov 2009


pale pear skin robe; has a fresh, breezy nose with a pear-waxen, white fruit jam aroma and spice traces – it is nicely “up”. The first impression is a fatness of texture, with a line of purpose from its acidity. It ends freshly and spicily. This is direct in overall shape, and makes for a live, fun aperitif – thanks to the mix of salty thread and the fat within. 12.8°. Dec 2008

2006 ()

soft bouquet with some dried fruit in the aroma, is live on top, and works stylishly. The palate displays the grip of the vintage, with some core sinew. Sound late roundness - nice and supple. Apricot and ripe peach on the aftertaste. Not especially profound, but good straightforward drinking. To 2010. Jan 2008


(vat) sound core pear aroma. Pretty full palate, ripe texture, dried fruits - pear, apricot. Buttery end, good rich core flavour. 30 hl/ha yields help this

2002 ()

zesty, light pear aroma; fresh, streamlined, chalky.


mixed stone fruit aroma; nice gras, elegant, charming.