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The Wines

1958-1966 Syrah from Ste-Agathe at 280-320 metres, destemmed, 3 week vinification, pumping overs, 1-2 manual cap punchings, aged 5-6 year 225-litre oak casks 10-12 months, can be fined, filtered, last year as Côtes du Rhône 2015, 5-6,000 b


shiny dark red; black cherry, blackberry fruit compose an open bouquet, a Southern note, black olives also. The palate is fragrant, with a steady wave of clean strike dark red fruits such as mulberry, with intensity on the late stages. It’s has a vibrant fruit, with licorice in the still compact tannins – they bring a slight note of powdery dryness to the finish, so leave until mid-2020, decanting helpful. 13°. 2025-26 Dec 2019


red robe; the nose exudes scent, perfume dried rose petal, pot pourri, is lined with red berry fruit, simmered in nature. The palate moves with elegance, carries spicing and powdered, rather resolute tannins that produce iron and tang out of their hat. The finish gives a little wiry strength. It’s perfumed, but there is slightly taut aspect about it from early harvesting, which is disconcerting. 13°. 2026-27 Dec 2019


dark red colour. The nose has the 2015 thickness, a blackberry-mulberry blend, a little smokiness and a rose petal note. It’s a lot for a humble Côtes du Rhône. There is sturdy juicing here; a very tasty mid-palate leads into some tannic darkness, good late grip and spark. Red cherry and raspberry combine at the helm. It leaves a long trail, is long. Its quality tannins are munchable. This is very good, the more so in its grade. There is real appeal in the just slightly sweet red fruits. 12.9°. €19 at the cellars. 2026-28 July 2017


clear, quite full red. The nose has an arrow-like shape, gives a direct display of raspberry, red berry fruit, si clear and pretty open, has touches of sweetness. Peppery, spiced red fruit such as red cherry runs along the palate, mild tannins on the finish adding a more gummy texture. The fruit is delivered with cut, breeze. This is nice and fresh, unadorned wine,  easy to drink with hors d’oeuvres, charcuterie, sausages. 12.5°. To 2019  Dec 2015


medium red-purple robe. Red cherry, cherry stone fruit aroma here, with some reserves of depth and future variety, a lean towards spice. The nose is sunny now. The palate gives a largely smooth run of red berry fruit, with a late squeeze of tannin. The fruit is clear-cut – this is an airborne and pure Côtes du Rhône with graceful qualities. 12.5°. 2018-19  Apr 2015

2012 ()

purple colour. The nose goes wide, has developed a good heart and also bears some mystery as it moves past youth. There is a central air of red jam fruit that is nicely secure. There is a tiny bit of reduction. The palate is expressive; the fruit rings a clear bell with an attractive orb of redcurrant, cherry fruit, and reaches out well. The tannins are fine, come with a touch of dust, on the close. Beau wine. Very good with herbes de Provence, roast meat dishes. Good now. 12.5°. 2017-18  Apr 2015

2011 ()

red robe, nice legs. Stylish, comfortable depth on the nose, an air of fine raspberry, attractive guise to it, inviting and discreet floral and mineral notes, licorice and baked bread. The palate gives an easy roll of red fruit that has genuine, smooth feel to it – it really does a serene job, with no pauses. It ends roundly thanks to fine red fruiting. It shows its freshness of 280 metres well. Its late palate density is very typical of the more clay-based soils from here, also the freshness of its altitude. Very pure, STGT wine. 12.5°. Drink not with heavy flavours, but with precise ones – steamed foods and calm surroundings, so its subtlety can be appreciated. To 2018  Nov 2013

2009 ()

rather full red robe; ripe, well-assembled nose, whose fabric is tight, shows blackberry plus raspberry fruit, a little nutty tannin. It is reserved, has ways to go. Good, tasty kick-off on the palate – full red berry fruit that flashes out its signal. Has juicy late moments, which make it all very drinkable. Good and thorough finish, it is wide and satisfying on the end, very sound wine – this is a mini Saint-Joseph with lovely creamy fruit. It is structured for food, grilled lamb chops in rosemary etc. To 2018. June 2011


fine red robe. Violet, wood smoke-licorice nose, white pepper; has a little charm to hold the attention, a good achievement in 2008. Nice jam flavour, lucid black jam with flowers, licorice in it. Pure, classy, refined fruit, will be good with fine flavoured foods. A tender wine that drinks well, including solo. It ends roundly, gives very agreeable drinking, is a w.o.w. wine. “It has always been like this,” C.Vernay. 12.5°. Bottled Dec 2009. To 2016. Nov 2010

2007 ()

steady, quite full red. Tender, honey-brioche, baked toast, light black raisin aroma, with floral-toffee airs as well. The palate grips tightly, has pepper present, then develops a little gras. It is cautious for now. The length is OK . . just. From mid-2010 for a little more softness. 2014-15 Dec 2009 Previously Dec 2008 ** full, quite dark red. There is a blackberry, rather floral breeze through the bouquet – it is smoky and elegant. A live ball of blackberry fruit mingled with licorice starts the palate; there is a little tar, and this is all very orderly, and has sound length. 12.5°. From spring 2009. Bottled 5 days ago. 2012-13 Dec 2008

2006 ()

bright, quite dark robe with some black cherry in it. Mild but safe fruit in the bouquet – the aroma travels gently across the glass, showing black berry fruit above all. The palate`s fruit has some squeeze and grip in it, too. Gains a little tannic, black fruit intensity late on, and has a clear-cut finale, with even a bit of mineral there. Beau vin – good for fun and parties. The fruit is lip-smacking, and persists well. To 2012. Jan 2008

2004 ()

pebbly, live red fruit aroma; clear fruit on palate but is a little restricted - could have more heart, but drinks cleanly. 2008-09 June 2006


floral, geranium, light black fruit aromas; touch tarry, warmth near finish, bit vegetal. From 2005.


clear black fruit sweets, smoky nose, reduced; black jam start, peppered end. Very correct, well-formed. 2007-08