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The Wines

Grenache noir, Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Clairette, Bourboulenc (until late 2000s was 100% Grenache noir) from limestone stony soils & red clay soils, purchased wine, 24-36 hour maceration, then bleeding off vinification (saignée), vat raised 5 months, malo blocked, “drink with buffet foods, couscous & Oriental cuisine, spiced dishes”


red-hued, clear robe. The nose is slightly reserved, but carries red cherry fruit, holds together well, has good weight. I note carbonic gas on the tip of the tongue; the fruit is offered freely, raspberry and red cherry, with squeezy gras richness after half way. This is good and genuine table Tavel, with carry and detail in its fruit and content. There’s nice vivid fruit here, has dash. To 2021 June 2019


classic red-tinted Tavel robe with a pale rim. There are red cherry liqueur, raspberry notes on the bouquet, a hint of caramel, sweetness, ripe strawberry also – it has depth. The palate delivers red cherry-raspberry with some carbonic gas implanted freshness; the length is sound, and it ends roundly, gives tasty moments, fluid content encased by a smooth texture. The length is decent. It’s ready now, isn’t a long liver. It’s correct, but not very personal, hand made in feel. 13.5°. To late 2019 Sept 2018


bright, clear red robe. The nose is varied, local, interesting, has bundles of red cherry, redcurrant with a faint candy note. It bears southern roundness. The palate engages via red cherry, cherry near the stone fruit, and holds nicely firm content, a good and secure couch that sets it up well for white meats, spiced cuisine. This is a good Tavel with balance and depth. 14°. 2020 July 2017

2015 ()

prominent red-hearted robe. The bouquet is broad and reserved: there is a solid depth of Morello cherry and raspberry fruit, comes with concentration. The palate is also firm and compact, with a grippy mid-point centred on stone fruits. This is manly, pretty punchy Tavel suited to roast kid, lamb with rosemary, bold flavours. 13.5°. 2018-19  May 2016

2014 ()

2 bottles tasted. 1st bottle: bright, clear red robe. Vast cork on nose. Bottle 2: has a cooked chicken, sizzled aroma, an inlay of red cherry. The palate is tightly stapled together, the red fruit resembling kirsch, the acidity vibrant, has notes of carbonic gas. This is making its way: it isn’t yet a fully fledged ensemble. The finish is spiced. It has the weight, inner heart, for lamb and grilled foods. 13.5°. €11.40 at the cellars. From autumn 2015. To 2018  Jun 2015 


bright, mainly red robe. This has an interesting nose with less than mainstream aromas such as blackberry and a swish crabapple fruit present. It is open, showy, and on form now. The palate hesitates on the attack, and doesn’t run as one: there is a stop-go feel to it. It has weight and so will be OK with grilled foods, North African spiced dishes, for example. A bit dumb, so can be decanted. I reckon there is wine to explore here. The finish combines perfume and fine red fruit. 13.5°. €11.40 at the cellars. 2017-18 June 2015


red cherry tinted, bright robe. The nose bears a quiet harmony – there is strength in its red fruits, has red cherries at its heart, doesn’t offer a lot of variety, and I note it is 100% Grenache, so a little Cinsault or Clairette would help it. The palate holds agreeable fruit, attractive acidity. Made with some fresh design, shows a little red wine weight on the finish. More suited to food over aperitif. The end is firm, clean, grounded. Grilled fish in herbs a good idea with it. To 2015. €10.50 at the cellars. May 20

2010 ()

pretty red with cherry tints. The nose has potential – its red cherry, redcurrant fruit is reserved but promising, and broad across the glass. The palate is well-knit; there is quite a muscular foundation to this, the length is compact. Muscle wins over charm. It has enough body for southern herb, garlic, Mediterranean dishes, and there is a nice spot of aromatic fruit on the aftertaste. 13.5°. To 2014 July 2011

2007 ()

pink colour with a fine thread of red in it. There is a lateral run to the bouquet – shows a compact bonbon, red fruit gourmandise, with red berry jam. The palate red fruit comes in a sweet, low acidity manner. This needs good chilling and early drinking. It is a bit clumsy, and both more cut and focus are required, the length is so-so, and it ends muddled. There is a divorce between the fruit and the sugar. June 2008

2005 ()

pale robe. Quiet bouquet, lack of clear fruit on display. The palate floats and drifts. An easy, simple, early drink. Fair length. Strawberry aftertaste. May 2006, London