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The Wines

90% Grenache, 8-10% Syrah, 0-2% Mourvèdre, purchased wine from 8 suppliers, destemmed, 2-3 week vinification, daily pumping overs, aged 90-100% vat, 0-10% large barrel 12-16 months, 14-120,000 b

2019 ()

dark red; the bouquet has a steady depth, centres on plum fruit with herbs’ notions, a little sweet herb. The palate has a stylish opening, runs with a savoury, easy fullness, mulberry fruit delivered with a peppy, peppery tone into the tarred finish. It’s just getting itself together, only baby steps for now. It holds its line, has spine and a good bout of late freshness, menthol. There’s discreet concentration, and it will benefit from being left until spring 2022 or so, when there will be more variety and openness. 2032-34 Nov 2020


dark red colour. The bouquet has a good spring in its step, lines up a blackberry fruit welcome, glistens well with sunny ripeness, is backed by latent spice, iodine. There’s a hint of reduction. The palate sets off freely, delivers good quality black cherry style fruit, with life in the tannins and freshness on the finish. This is rather a cavalier Rasteau that will appeal via its energy, the Syrah prominent in it. The aftertaste is clear, the texture lissom. It holds good balance, tick tock goes the Swiss watch. 90% Gren, 10% Syrah. 2031-33 Mar 2019


pretty full red robe. The nose is reduced, meaty, disorderly, some red fruit within. Possible Brett. The palate holds ample, showy red fruited content, but the tannins are dry, and the content backs off. 14°. 14,000 b. Gren, Syr. 2019 May 2016 Previously Apr 2015 *** (vat) dark robe; the nose gives a gentle black fruit aroma, a suspicion of some herbes de Provence within, a simmered fruiting. The palate darts along on a run of dark berry fruit, has a loose texture, gives a washy, fluid finish. It shows some acidity as it ends, on the tip of the tongue. Fair, but not arresting, a bit narrow before the close. It may gain breadth. 14°. From 2016.  2020-21  Apr 2015


red robe; nutty aroma, with cooked red berry fruit air behind, a rather subdued, not totally convincing nose, perhaps due to recent bottling. The palate is more upright than round, gives a Grenache plum-red berry fruit, but works on a limited scale. Has the 2013 shape, isn’t overtly generous. 14°. €12.25 retail at the cellars. From late 2015. 2020-21 Apr 2015  

2010 ()

(vat/barrel) very bright, full red. Sexy, well-knit cassis, red berry fruit that is plentiful, an absorbing offering; also has some grounded, pebbly airs. The palate is a polished form of Rasteau, is rather polite. The tannins are ripe, so it is smoother than many Rasteaus. Accentuates juicy red fruits such as mulberries and loganberries. From mid-2012 – this can be enjoyed on the up, though the tannins will be more bendy from spring 2013. Herb, linden tree (tilleul) aftertaste. There is a lot of fat in this Grenache before half way. 2022-24 July 2011


quite a dark red; has a pointed bouquet, a bit stretched, acidity present, with menthol, smoke, some cassis fruit. The palate is close-knit, the main impression one of work in progress. It ends on a dry stretch, where tannins and acidity are darting about. Wait until 2014. This is not sweet enough for many present day drinkers – for lovers of traditional styles. To 2019-21 May 2012 Previously Oct 2010 *** deep red, purple robe; well-balanced bouquet, its fruit set to emerge: it is taking its time, has quite depth, and is inviting. Has the vintage 2009 baked notes on the palate, which is enclosed for now; its sides are lined by rather dusty tannins right at the end, before a herbal aftertaste. Authentic wine, reliable quality. Best with meats, steaks. Esp mid-2011 on. 2014-15 Oct 2010

2007 ()

(vat, pre-bottle) bright red robe with a mauve top; there is a curl of sweetness in the red jam aroma – it comes across in a very steady way, with plenty of understated appeal – the Grenache shows through well. There is a good bound of red fruits plus nuttiness on the palate: this is a pretty year, with agreeable red fruit juice in it. Good length. More free and open, with a little less tannin from late 2009, but can be drunk now. To be bottled Jan 2009 . 2015-16 Dec 2008


decent red colour, with some black at its core. A lightly scented wine here – black fruit which is low key aromatically. There is some richness in the palate fruit – has a measured, rather sweet appeal. Fleshy style of wine with some late tannins. Is quite accessible now. Sound length. This can give pleasure. From Sept 2008 for a more open aroma and a rounder finish. 14°. 2016-18 Jan 2008

2005 ()

dark red with some black in the colour; smoky, upright bouquet – shows leathery black fruits with a peppery tone and some air, vacant space, as if very young. Like the nose, the palate has an upright cropping of fruit, the pepperiness very apparent. Never breaks free of this pepper, rather dusty clamp. Lacks real ripeness in the fruit, is a case of extraction conducted with less than ripe fruit. Makes demands rather gives pleasure. Try, crossing fingers, in 2009. Sept 2007, Oslo. Out of step with previous tasting June 2007, in Tain *** bonny, quite mature red colour; red jam with a little spice on the nose, the bouquet is supple and open – ahead of the palate in its generosity. The palate fruit also starts softly, and gains tannin and a point of tar at the end as it tightens, and there is a little bitterness on the very last note. The red fruit is likeable with a little sweet tone in it. Drink from early 2008 to allow the finish to settle. 2016-18 June 2007

2003 ()

smoky, leathery, black-fruited nose, stone fruits and a ripe prune present. The palate delivers black fruit, with another bout of leather, and interesting tannins that surround the slightly sweet fruit towards the finish. The length is fair, but is does stop a tiny bit short, and the aftertaste is a wee bit dry. 14°. Decant this. To 2009  Jan 2006