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The Wines

50-74% Grenache (1969), 20-30% Cinsault (1971), 10-25% split Bourboulenc (1949), Carignan (1956), Clairette (1949), Grenache blanc (1968), Mourvèdre (1968), Syrah (1971) from Vestides, L`Olivet, Vallongue, Cravailleux, so lauze, limestone soils, sandy, galet stone soils, av age 45 years, hand harvested, destemmed, cool maceration 1-2 days, vat fermented 3-4 weeks, steel vat raised 3-5 months, malo blocked, filtered, “drink with cold meats, poultry, white meats, Italian, Asian, spiced dishes, salmon”, 60-90,000 b

2019 ()

refined pink robe; has a quiet, gentle red cherry aroma, is understated in the context of this full vintage. It has likeable freshness, a note of dried herbs and rose petals in attendance. The palate drinks easily from the off, is nicely lined with trim red fruits, redcurrants, and gathers a little knot of intensity as it closes, where there is a note of salting that helps its clarity. The aftertaste is rounded, discreet. 14°. To 2022 June 2020


fair red robe; the nose is lightly reduced, gives a soft, squeezy aroma of strawberry, lacks a little lift, has traces of early oxidation. The palate is a mild affair, downbeat, has a little plumpness, but struggles for definition and excitement. Again, there is a sense of lack of freshness. It has fair body, best with chicken and mild flavoured dishes. There’s a sense of degree, glow, on the aftertaste. 14.5°. To spring 2020. May 2019

2017 ()

lucid punk robe; This has a trim strawberry aroma, touches of violet, a soft sweetness, very primary and young, is fresh and uncomplicated. The palate gives red fruits, a hint of candy, is efficient without being inspiring; the fruit dips towards the finish, but is sound before that, redcurrants with some grip, bite on the close. Decent Tavel that is easy to drink. 14°. 75,000 b. 60% Gren, 5% Syr, 3% Gren bl, 30% Cins, 2% Mourvèdre. To 2020 Aug 2018

2016 ()

attractive red-tinted robe. The nose is restrained but nicely filled with a couch of red berry fruit, strawberry notably, a wee note of licorice, enough depth for mystery. It shows a little power. The attack billows out agreeably via a cosy ball of gras and a good lateral flavour of strawberry, freshly delivered. The length is good; this is an en finesse Tavel, that will go very well with steamed dishes, has a fine finish. 14°. To 2020 June 2017

2015 ()

classic red-tinted colour. The nose gives a rounded red fruit jelly aroma with a plump centre, a bonny openness. The palate is expressive, lined with red fruits such as cherry and crabapple. The fruit is entertaining, and the wine finishes with a fresh grip. Well made, well textured and authentic. Drink with clams spaghetti (vongole), soft cheese. 14°. 74% Gren, 8% Syr, 6% Gren bl, 5% Cins, 7% the rest. 80,000 b. GB£12.95 Yapp Brothers. To 2018  May 2016 


good pink robe; has a nicely airborne aroma led by redcurrant and early summer flowers, primroses, with a note of licorice to season it. The palate is immediate and fresh: the cool fruit runs well, isn’t especially deep, while the finish is dentelle, crisp. A go-go Tavel, with life and energy, drinking early, take it on the up. Drink with steamed/grilled fish, solo drinking also an option. 13.5°. Bottled Feb 2015. 90,000 b. 60% Gren noir, 20% Cins, 5% Syrah, 5% Mourv, 10% Bourb, Cari, Clairette, Gren blanc. To 2017  Jun 2015

2013 ()

pink robe, a touch see through at the top. The nose is grilled, biscuity, has a meatiness of depth. Simmered redcurrant and quince airs lie within. This is traditional, true Tavel, its heart founded on compact red berry fruit. Low-key tannins give the finish a twin-sided lining. Good with couscous, spiced dishes, and well marinated lamb shoulder that falls off the bone. Genuine. 14°. 50% Gren noir, 25% Cins, 10% Mourv, 15% Clairette & Gren blanc. 85,000 b. Harvested 17 Sept to 2 October. To 2018  Jun 2015 Previously Oct 2014 ***(*) pale pink, the colour of a less full vintage. Softly scented, quite floral-rose and quince jam air, its depth greater than Provence rosés. There are airs of thyme, rosemary present, and a discreet local breath is expressed. This is easy to drink; the redcurrant fruit is crisp along its sides, it gathers in pebbly touches and prolongs in that way, a quietly firm grain. The aftertaste is tingly, with licorice present. A Tavel of some bite and definite clarity. It comes more from southern soils than marketing angles (unlike much Provence rosé), has a lucid, STGT quality. Good with grilled lamb chops. There is a really good saline cut on the finish. 14°. Sound VALUE at £12.95 from Yapp Brothers www.yappbrothers.co.uk 2016-17  Oct 2014


pink to red robe; there is a fresh dance in the bouquet, offers garrigue and flint, suggests STGT wine here, comes with bonny pockets of strawberry jam and floral notes – there is a fresh harmony here from the three terroirs of Tavel. The palate has a nicely live start, shows some carbonic gas; the fruit is supple and sustained, with a flavour of red jam. Its strength is light touch, and it lengthens well, is persistent. Good acidity, spiced and long, with the air adding complexity and bite, moving it towards la table and Mediterranean dishes red mullet or rouget, chicken in tarragon, soupe au pistou etc. Has a “cut from the rock” style. To 2015. Best Forcadière since 2007.  May 2013

2011 ()

wee orange note in its pink robe. Has a toasted air, shows cut grass, hay, subdued red fruit, a splash of wild strawberry – rather attractive. Licorice, black raisin, spiced date and prune lead the palate flavour, with notes of evolution already present. It ends on a charge of some power, is a bit burnt at the end. To 2015  May 2013

2010 ()

red tints in a strong pink colour. Fine redcurrants in a delicate fruit aroma that is agreeable, inviting. Softly fruited, easy drinking wine that rolls steadily along. A light touch rosé, sympa wine. The length is good. Clean, clear, and enjoyable. w.o.w. wine. 13.5°. Good value, too. To mid 2013. June 2011


pale pink; red fruits with space around them – this bouquet has a snappy, attractive air. The palate is settling down, comes out directly, has plenty of grip. The length is fair. A purposeful style of wine, with some freedom along the palate, it is a touch short. “Our wines normally open up around May,” Richard Maby. 14°. To 2011. March 2009


there is a little red layer in the pink robe; has a touch sweet, gracious red cherry, rather jam-confiture nose; there is also a minor, baked stones, garrigue air here in this persistent, elegant bouquet. Has a solid, cohesive palate – with good cherry fruit depth and assurance, all very ensemble. There is good flow to the finish, gracefully done. Its power and matter are well handled, this is interesting, STGT wine – there is good Tavel bite in it, and it ends solidly as well. I like the end herbs, with a licorice and fennel touch, white pepper also. To 2010. June 2008

2006 ()

some pale tones in the pink. Red fruits such as red cherry and red fruit tart in the aroma that is all quite floating. Firm edging to palate. It ends firmly as well – the fruit isn't especially obvious there. There are flashes of redcurrant or cherry fruit along the palate. It is a touch stiff, and there is some wee burn on the aftertaste. May be more supple by autumn 2007. June 2007


full, broad, full-on style of bouquet with some strawberry present. Palate is also punchy, a bit heated and obvious. Heat on the aftertaste. The finish displays a baked side, is rather abrupt. Lacks finesse. 14°. May 2006, London