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The Wines

from southern sector Semons, Tupin, Syrah 1988 on, 70% destemmed, 3 week vinification, pumping overs more than cap punchings, aged 5-10% new, 90% 1-5 year 228-litre oak casks 12 months, then 2 months vat, filtered, “the Syrah from here is very rounded, has good fruit quality”, 30-40,000 b

2016 ()

bright red; the nose is upfront, off we go, gives smoky cherry fruit, raspberry also, has verve and a nicely plump centre. The palate is fresh and alive, dark red berry fruits come with 2016 coolness and lift, the fruit very polished, continues with a little smoke-tang. This is good bistrot wine, very drinkable fruit surrounded by some crisp tannin that helps to hold up the finish. 2027-28 GB £170 per 12 b i/bond H2Vin quintessentially@h2vin.co.uk +44(0)203 073 6655 Nov 2018 Previously Nov 2017 ***(*)  (steel vat, bottling May 2018) dark robe. There’s an attractive aroma across the glass – it’s delicately floral and sweet in its red fruits, some oak smoke present. The palate holds a similar theme, being juicy and easy to like via it raspberry juice and fruit. The tannins have depth, and it firms up on the close, witness to the inclusion of 30% stems, which is now the norm. 2026-27 Nov 2017


(1 year cask) dark robe. Has a copious nose that centres on joli blackberry, black cherry coulis, plus a note of menthol. It is instantly rich on the palate, has a sweet depth, and sound flow to keep it from jamminess. It centres on black fruit lozenges, coulis style fruit, washes a long way. Its tannins are absolutely within. Wine for la table, a proper dinner. GB Clarion Wines info@clarionwines.co.uk www.clarionwines.co.uk +44(0)208 747 2069. From 2019. 2028-30 Apr 2016


(steel tank, bottling next week) bright red robe. Has a springy blackberry, nicely smoky nose, a little tannic darkness in it. The palate delivers an immediate run of red berries, raspberry. This is really fresh and dentelle wine, a real good drink. It gives iron in its late stages, ends on graphite, needs leaving until mid-2017. Lots of lucid fruit here, a buoyant wine it is. It is a trifle spare just before the close, which is peppered. 40,000 b. 2022-23  Apr 2016


½ bottle: red robe; smoky, of the earth and its soil, soaked raspberries aroma – this is a round and very broad bouquet that gives a lot for a vin de pays. It leaves a licorice, salted trail. This is nicely thick wine with the legs in it to live and vary. The content is dense. It is lined with a salty thread, is bang on target, very good. It is one of the best Rosines Stéphane has made. It has lots of length, its matter is rich, and the tannins are still en route. 12.5°. €15 is very fair= VALUE. 2025-27  Apr 2016 Previously Feb 2015 *** (casks) bright red; cherry fruit features in a nice and alert nose, comes with tar notes and a crunchy blackberry. This has life in its veins, is a direct traveller, very much in a clean style, solo drinking on the agenda. There is a sprinkle of grainy tannin, the exit is clear-cut, led by raspberry, licorice. It is a trifle wiry but is OK. 12.5°. From mid to late 2016. 2021-22  GB £60/6 bots in bond Berry Brothers 0800 280 2440 +44(0)207 022 8973  www.bbr.com  Feb 2015

2012 ()

(4 year cask, bottling next month, Dec 2013) bright red robe, good start. Lively, forward fruit features on the nose, which is crisp, has smoked tea touches, good spine, an upright nature. The palate is nice and decisive, its fruit easy to like, expressive. It shows cool qualities, gathers late chewiness and mineral. Very sound, well up to scratch. €14 at the cellars. 35,000 b this year. 2020-21  Nov 2013


½ bottle: nicely full red. The nose is expressive, abundant, full of a red fruit jam aroma, its depth appealing, shows sizzled bacon. It gives bang for its buck. The palate has the flattering squeeze of 2011, straightens out towards the finish, where its smoke-oak tannins are also crisp. The oak can ease off a little. Wine for la table. It has a liqueur red fruit, raspberry heart. 12.5°. 2019-20  Nov 2013  Previously Dec 2011 *** (3 year cask) steady red; shapely, open fruit aroma. The palate fruit is bright, with its spice and pepper pronounced. It finishes cleanly, is direct and the fruit lively. “A wine of pleasure that makes me think of 2006, which was very ripe,” S.Ogier. 12.5°. Bonny wine. 2018-19  Dec 2011

2010 ()

bottled last week: bright, dark-tinted red robe. Scented, nicely suave berry such as raspberry jam air – the bouquet bustles along, is racy, has a clack of licorice. The outer palate is energetic, free-going, while the inner is more rich, steady. This is going to settle in 9 to 12 months, is approachable and more open than the older Rosines used to be. It ends on a tarry, dark note, almost burnt. There is a real display of rocking raspberry fruit here – it is a very drinkable wine that has a clear tang on the aftertaste, menthol notes. “I find the fruit very precise, I am quite happy with this,” Stéphane Ogier. This is a “call for more” style wine, a true zinc drink, solo. 12.5°. 2020-21 Dec 2011


(cask) full red, purple; red berry, live, ripe fruits nose. Rich outset on the palate – obvious, sweet and appealing. Light oak. Its sucrosity will please, especially mainstream USA palates. It ends calmly, is more fresh there. “It is like 1999,” S.Ogier. 2015-16 July 2010

2008 ()

red, light purple; good breadth on the nose - red berry jam, pastille aroma, touches of peony and violet flowers. The palate has a direct nature, its blackberry fruit is vigorous, spiced and peppery. Rather good, live finish here. Jolly wine with a nice touch of vigour and open, bustling fruit. Very good depth for a 2008, let alone a vin de pays. w.o.w. wine - I'd love to have a few of these in my cellar to help me take last minute decisions. 12.5°. To 2014 or so. July 2010

2007 ()

(tank, to be bottled in four days) full, dark robe; the bouquet has the vintage charm – juicy, rounded blackberry aroma, floral lacing, with some damp soil, mint. The palate gets going briskly, has real good quality fruit inside – it is clear and bright, really dances. Enjoy this young vigour, this is beau. Expensive at €12, but worth it. To 2014. Dec 2008


(half bottle) red with depth in it on the robe; has a gentle black jam aroma with a quiet floral air, touch of reduction. There is good heart of black fruit here – it is like jam, with a fleshy nature, is now reaching a considered stage. There is a late outcrop of tannins, with licorice and pepper at the end – there is grip and a mineral tang there. To 2013. Dec 2008 Previously June 2007 *** (cask) soft, plum jam aroma with a hint of flowers. Red fruits start the palate, that is quite wide and sweet-toned late on. To be bottled Dec 2007. 2012-13 June 2007 30,000 b this year. “It makes me think of 2004 with less acidity and more roundness than the 2004: it has good, persistent fruit,” S.Ogier.

2005 ()

(half bottle) black cherry, plum aroma, with quite a soaked aspect and violets floating around, too. Plenty on the palate, especially for a vin de pays. Has good late grip – the fruit gets sealed off after half way. There is a lot of wine here, is ahead of the crowd. Can be drunk with bounty now, and also show well over another 6-9 years. Raspberry, earthy aftertaste. 2016-17. 20,000 b this year. June 2007

2002 ()

(cask) mid-weight aroma, firm; quite pretty red fruit, clear enough, pepper ending. Touch straight, but decent.

2001 ()

black fruit, light pepper nose; good cut of black fruit/liquorice, expands through the palate. Juicy, agreeable, vigorous. From 2004. 2009-10


dark aroma; good fruit, with some spice, some weight.


spiced, smoky aroma. Nice gras, spice, tar. Good length. 2008.


simple red fruit with some body on palate. Clean.