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The Wines

70% Grenache, 25% Syrah, 5% Mourvèdre (mainly 1970s), destemmed, 25 day concrete vat co-fermentation, pumping overs, 4 part vat emptying/refillings, vat-raised 18 months, fined, unfiltered, 9,800 b (4 times more sold in bulk)

2018 ()

dark robe; the nose has a crushed nutshells, oaky nature, with sleek black fruit, black olives in play. It carries style, is promising. The palate bears black fruits with a smooth tone all though, has plenty of layering all through, develops a tarred, intense juice stretch as it finishes. It has vigour, good energy; a touch of extra refinement may have been helpful to the tannins, which are a bit on the outside. 14.5°. From 2022. 2035-37 Feb 2020

2010 ()

dark red. Smoked bacon, leather, black fruit, fun berry fruit on the go, with black olives – the nose has nice clarity and life. The palate is threaded with good, tight lines, ends freshly and crisply, has a sound build-up of tannin. It runs and keeps going well. Good, no-nonsense wine. from mid-2013. 14.5°. 2019-20  Oct 2012


dark red. Smoky, raw tobacco air, with a cedar-pine aroma. The fruit is fine, has violet traces. The palate is marked by bosky notes, with crunchy tannins prominent. It has oily, bosky notes on the palate, pine needle and spice. It needs to ease its tannins. Dark wine, dark and smoky, a tarry wine that has downhome, out of the loop, raw qualities. It ends on tobacco and mocha. Decant. From 2014. 14°. 2020-21  Oct 2012

2007 ()

bottled yesterday: full robe with violet tints in it; broad, friendly bouquet, shows good, juicy blackberry fruit. The palate fruit is clear and laced with a live tannic spine – this works well. Ends on that fresh, licorice note. Good, fun drinking, with enough body to go on. Bang on wine. 2013-14 March 2009


(vat) dark robe. Soaked, liqueur black fruits aroma, with some mineral and prune under the top note, is well fruited. Tasty, full flavour, the fruits gets off to a bright start, the length is sound. Blackberry flavour, then a fungal-tar end. Tannins mean it should be left till 2008. 2015-17 April 2006


(vat) cooked, grilled aromas. Some early richness that continues to the central palate, wide and chewy, some violet on the finish. Black fruits, this is quite a mighty, chunky wine. Beefy more than fruit-filled. From 2006 or 2007 on. To 2012-13. Dec 2003

2002 ()

soft, red jam-pepper aroma. Palate shows damson, soft red fruits, rounded shape. Easy, charming wine, a touch of agreeable sweetness. 14 degrees. To 2007. Feb 2006, Montpellier Previously March 2005 *(*) pretty, prune, baked raisin aroma. Rounded shape on palate, easy fruit gum style. Flavour is scented, interesting. Early, but acceptable drinking. To 2007. Previously Dec 2003 2002 **(*) softly cooked fruits - raspberry notably - also rose in an open bouquet. Suave and pleasant on palate, pretty fruit, has the suave Vinsobres texture. Light tar on end. Drink 2004-07. More matter than many 2002s. Dec 2003

2001 ()

compact, blackberry jam aroma, is a little reduced, hence an earthy, soil presence. Quite profound, closed black fruits flavour. Ends tightly, a burst of tar is then followed by fruit, making this varied and interesting. To 2011 or so. Dec 2003