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LVT 2019 rosé 2019 wh 2018 r One of the largest bottlers of Tavel, around 280,000 units. A longstanding upper echelon estate, with a faithful following on the east coast of the United States after the liberating American army encountered the wine in the late summer of 1944 as it fought its way north up the Rhône Valley. The Tavel from 2007 has come in a fresher, more direct style than in the past. The **** 2015 Tavel was high on charm. The Côtes du Rhône red is simply fruited wine for young, slightly chilled drinking.

Sca Jean Olivier Vincent de Bez Route de Pujaut 30126 Tavel

Tel: +33(0)466 50 04 56



Countries exported to:1) Belgium 2) USA 3) GB 4) Canada

Percentage Exported: 60%, up from 50%

British Importers: Field Morris & Verdin 3 St James’s Street London SW1A 1EG www.fmvwines.com & www.bbr.com tim.davies@fmvwines.com

USA Importers: Kobrand Corporation 1 Manhattanville Road 4th Floor Purchase New York NY 10577-2126 +1914 253 7751 www.kobrand.com gsandberg@kobrand.com