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Last wine made in 2005. Guy Darona`s mother is a Gripa, and in 2005 Guy decided to give up, with his wine difficult to sell. It had been one of the last local domaines at St-Péray. As cousins of the Daronas, the Gripa family at Saint-Joseph was the obvious successor. Half Darona`s Saint-Péray was méthode champenoise or sparkling, and it was one of the best. It comes with a vintage. The still wine became an oak-only production from 2004, called the Jardin des Faures. The crop quality here is good given the location of the vineyards, and the still wine, mostly sold to a local following, is good if the oak does not dominate.

Les Faures 07130 Saint-Péray

Tel: +33(0)475 40 34 11

Percentage Exported: very low to nil