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The Wines

100% Syrah, destemmed, vat fermented, pumping overs, raised 6-8 months, filtered

2012 ()

dark red, purple tints. Has a blackberry jam aroma that is facile, forward, and showing reduction. The palate has a rather creamy, black-fruited taste, black cherry. There is a tiny bit of grain grip on the finish. It is a bit one-dimensional, the fruit not that convincing. To 2015. 12.5° May 2013

2004 ()

pebbly, fresh hedge fruit aroma, with a mild fruit gum underlay, sound shape - oak evident. Palate starts with a clean black fruit flavour. I sense the use of older vine fruit here, comes in a northern sector style with some extra body beyond the norm for the vintage. Sound length. The oak is quite well absorbed. Esp mid 2007 on. 2011-13 April 2006


nicely vigorous, violet aroma. Harmonious black fruit on palate. Sound.