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LVT 2017 r 2017 wh 2019 rosé Switched on domaine run by a Scots family, newcomers to wine when the domaine was established in 1998. These are wines of depth and power, with good fruit clarity. The two main 2012 Séguret reds are less heady than usual, the vintage speaking in their favour, a notably good VALUE Tradition leading the way. The 2015 Séguret Grande Réserve red was a chunky **** wine. The Séguret rosé, called Loubié, is clear and just what a rosé should be (eg 2014).

Walter MacKinlay, son-in-law Hugo Levingston, winemaker Sébastien Magnouac La Grande Montagne 84110 Séguret

Tel: +33(0)490 46 70 30



British Importers: many importers – inc The Wine Society, Lay & Wheeler, Gauntleys of Nottingham, Big Red Wine Company, Averys of Bristol

USA Importers: importers inc Chelsea Ventures 1601 South Canal Street Chicago IL 60616 +1847 881 2699 info@chelseaventures.us www.chelseaventures.us Cynthia Hurley MA 02465, Dionysus Imports TX 77063, Liberty Wine Selections NY 10573, Riservati WA 98104