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The Wines

35% Grenache (1960s-1970s), 35% Mourvèdre (1990s), 30% Syrah (late 1970s), destemmed, 3 week vinification, cap punching, 70% vat raised, 30% aged oak casks 12 months, filtered, 12,000 b


dark robe, black, purple in the mix. The nose is reserved, offers a savoury, crushed cassis, tea leaves air, oak-pine present. The palate holds smooth travelling black fruit with some lift on the finish. Modern style Rasteau, with polished tannins and an upfront style. The length is good. There is a tiny bit of oak charcoal perhaps on the aftertaste. Day 2: it still has the potential to develop further. 14.5°. 12,000 b. €8. 2021-22  Apr 2015 

2009 ()

Grenache-led, medium plum red. Has a good, rolling aroma of fluid black fruit – the aroma sits securely in the glass, is a wide affair, and grilled in the modern way. There is a light floral air, and squeezy blackberry on Day 2. The palate has a solid frame, but once again the early to mid-palate black fruit is round and agreeable. It dives down a little, dries towards the finish, makes a vintage statement there. It is quite dark, a bit stern and tarry. On Day 2, its ends rather vacantly, grilled again. There is gras in mid-palate, but this has to yield. From 2014 to allow greater ease. 2019-20  Aug 2012

2007 ()

nicely dark red, full hearted robe. Has a grilled top air on the nose, with black berry fruit that is spiced and direct. This is a good, confident bouquet, compact and filled, along with cocoa and dark chocolate touches. More grounding and meatiness come through as it airs. This has a well fired-up palate – there is a coming and going of black fruit, leather and tannin. It builds into a firm glow on the aftertaste. The frame rules over its content for now, but I also find it could have a little more richness to make it less rigorous. Air helps it to expand. Good, representative Rasteau. 14.5°. 2019-20  Aug 2012

2006 ()

maturing red; sweet hit on first nose – decant this. Strawberry jam air that is smothered in make-up, cosmetics. The palate is a bit dirty, lactic – that creamy nature runs on to the finish, sour milk. Drink now. April 2011