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The Wines

from Sea View, McLaren Flat (2007), or from 1960/1973 Shiraz McLaren Vale (2008), 2-3 day pre-fermentation crop cooling, aged 58% French, 42% USA oak casks, 65% new, 20 months, lightly filtered


insistent, steady bouquet – gives the notion of red fruit liqueur, herbal and violet, while there is a tiny meat air around it. The palate is minted – there is a wee eucalyptus fusion in the red fruit, the mid-palate is assertive, right there, while it gains chew and tannin towards the clear finish, where there is some acidity. The aftertaste is aromatic. 14.5°. 2022-23 Oct 2009 A$65 Whitebridge Wines, GB, do 2004/05 which is £27.95. Wine Society, GB, do 2006 at £24