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The Wines

70-80% Grenache (1900s-1970s), 10-22% Syrah (early 1990s), 0-10% Mourvèdre from Santa Duc, Les Bosquets, Les Parties, destemmed, 3 week vinification of varieties apart at up to 28-30°C in a tronconic oak vat, twice daily pumping overs, aged 2-3 year 228-litre oak casks 4 months, then vat 3 months, unfined, filtered, old name Christophe d’Altéa, 2-6,200 b

2012 ()

dark colour; black raisin, marked pine and varnish, evergreen forest scrub airs, along with a note of strawberry, red berry within that outer ring. The palate gets to grips with Gigondas in its central body and steady heart; it spreads widely, always with some finesse. Its late glow isn’t intrusive. This is rather wild, and its pine-basil influence is strong. There are pepper, oily, sweet spic, Rum cake influences. From late 2014 to open it further. Drink with game. 14°. Bottled June 2013. 2,000 b. 70% Gren, 22% Syr, 8% Mourv this year. €11 at cellars. 2021-22  Dec 2013

2011 ()

2 Bottles tasted. 1st bottle: mild red robe, a bit light. This has a superlight aroma, is stemmy and the fruit hardly registers, an uninspiring start. The palate isn’t very clean, lacks any core, trails away, has some smoke and snap on the aftertaste. Bottle 2: is a bit cleaner, less herbaceous, but very light and insignificant . There are many better Côtes du Rhônes than this, sadly. 14°. €10 at the cellars. 80% Gren, 10% Syr, 10% Mourv this year. Dec 2012

2010 ()

dark red, a purple touch with that. Crunchy, baked or brioche, nutty, still being raised air, the fruit resembling red cherry, with bosky, tangly berry fruit alongside. This a punchy wine that is still raw and wild: the palate delivers essence of blackberry in a modern fruit style, with abundant, free run tannins that introduce a charcoal, chocolate-tar theme. It is rather cutting and needs time. Sound length. From 2014. 2016-18 Dec 2011

2007 ()

(to be bottled in 5-6 months) unusual, pine-resin aroma with oily red, raspberry fruit underneath. The palate gives red fruits with a similar flash of pine in them. Currently has a tight, grainy finish. The length is correct. 2014-15 March 2009

2005 ()

red plum, bit matt hued robe. Has a whacky nose, led by mulled fruit cassis fruits, with spice, menthol and oak all jostling together. There is an ensemble of licorice and cassis on the start of the palate, and the wine shows overt, modern fruit with intrinsic power. There is evident oak on the finish that tightens it up. The finale is smoky, still cellar-related. The finish is demanding now, but the wine`s core is rich. From 2010 for a more rounded end, from 2011 for a more local wine: leave this alone to get the best out of it. 2017-19. June 2008