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LVT 2017 r 2016 wh Yves' life was thrown into tragedy by the premature death of his beloved wife Mathilde just at the harvest time in 2011. She was in her early fifties. Mathilde was an artistic all-rounder, so suited to Yves. She sang jazz, designed soaps from grape varieties, and worked on the domaine. Friends and colleagues helped with the 2011 harvest. There is beautiful elegance in the Condrieu, a wine that has gained in dimension and depth in recent years.

The Côte-Rôties also show the domaine's trade mark finesse and stylish fruit, with the Sereine Noire capable of sound evolution: the 2015, a ***** wine from cask tasting, should live for around 25 years. With a full harvest in 2015, Yves introduced a Côte-Rôtie Côte Rozier on its own (1,500 bottles, ***** quality), wine that usually goes into La Sereine Noire. It was not made independently in 2016. Saint-Joseph red and white are now also offered, sound quality.

Yves, daughter Elsa 2 rue de la Garenne 69420 Condrieu

Tel: +33(0)474 59 57 04


Countries exported to:1) GB 2) USA 3) Japan 4) Germany, Belgium – 2011 was 1) USA 2) GB – before was 1) USA 2) Switzerland 3) GB

Percentage Exported: 20-25% - stable

British Importers: Berry Brothers www.bbr.com, Raeburn Edinburgh www.raeburnfinewines.com (since 1989)

USA Importers: 6 importers – 3 in CA, plus Nevada, NY, Chicago