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The Wines

75-85% Grenache (galet stones soil), 15-25% Mourvèdre (sandy soil), destemmed, 2-3 week vinification, pumping overs, cap punching, aged 600-litre oak casks, large barrel 18 months, best years only – 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 6,600 b

2015 ()

(barrel) red robe. There is a meaty intensity on the bouquet, with a smoky air; it trails raspberry, and rose, a hint of flowers. The palate serves good pedigree red fruits with clarity and nice nerve. It’s a bustling wine without camouflage. It hits the line running. From 2018. 2024-25 Nov 2017

2013 ()

(casks/barrel) mild red. Smoky, reserved nose, shows a soft note of violet. Will become interesting, with plump red berries in the picture, an air of mixed herbs, bouquet garni. The palate is tightly drawn; it has a core of scented stone red fruits and a nutty lean in the late flavour. A good, grounded Côtes du Rhône for la table. It is robust and full for the vintage. From 2017. £180 12b i/bond H2Vin www.h2vin.co.uk orders@h2vin.co.uk 2024-25 Nov 2014


sound red robe. Smoked bacon, laurel, toast and prune aromas mix in – the bouquet is interesting, deep, not overdone; there are true garrigue airs as well. Jolly redcurrant, raspberry fruit here, has a jelly style fat. There is a hum of power towards the finish, which needs to settle inside. There are light grain tannins on the finish, which help its length. A good Grenache wine, with lots of glow and intent from its sandy zones. There is an oak darkness on the finish. 2018-19  Dec 2012

2010 ()

(bottling March 2012, next month) big robe, while the nose has big scope, comes with an aroma of full, sappy black fruit, is deep and round, gives an air of damp, dark soil such is its ripeness. The palate holds creamy black fruit, prune and blackberry flavours at its heart. Its tannins are ripe, and give it a coating. The length is OK, while there is a little pocket of acidity that means a pointed, rather burnt note on the finish. It needs to settle its finish, and can achieve that. From late 2012. 15.4°. 75% Gren, 25% M, aged 600-litre casks & large barrel 16 months this year. €17.50 at the cellars. 2017-18 Feb 2012

2009 ()

steady red robe, a touch light at the top. Has an aroma of smoked, lightly muscled red fruits, red jam that reflect vigour and give a sense of ripeness and the South. The nose is broad, as well. The palate flows with a good juice, lengthens well on that. It ends clearly, with just a bit of 2009 dustiness in the grainy powder of the tannins on the aftertaste. It drinks well now, has a stealthy power, is long. Is over 15°. 83% Gren, 17% M, aged only 600-litre casks 16 months this year. Bottled 10 Feb 2011. €17.50 at the cellars. To 2015. Feb 2012 Previously Oct 2010 ***(*) (barrel) discreet red colour; fat nose that exudes the ripeness of the year, offers a primary Grenache appeal, the fruit a little “high”. Appealing, ample wine on the palate, the Grenache lies securely at its centre. Has sunny, round qualities, even if a touch simple. It ends on a cautious tie-in of its tannins. Good flesh and gras, the length is OK. 2014-15 Oct 2010


(pre-bottle) smoky, oaked, intense and persistent red berries bouquet. Rich start, nice bit of sweetness here, is a rounded wine with ripe Mourvèdre. Good richness, the oak is evident and fingers have to be crossed that it will work its way in. I expect it to close up before its mature flourish. From 2010. 2017-18


quite a full robe; very ripe fruit on bouquet, berries mingle with some laurel herb. Nice fat start to palate, then the oak straightens it from half way. Hmm, . . length is fair. A considered wine, its fruit is stalked by its oak shadow. Esp 2008 on. 2013-14 Nov 2006