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The Wines

97-98% Marsanne (1989, 1997), 2-3% Chardonnay (1992) from 0.2 hectare between the river and the route de Roquemaure (W), steel vat fermented, raised on lees 5 months, malo blocked, 3-4,000 b

NV (2015)

fine yellow robe. Dried fruits, apricot, aniseed and white tobacco provide the bouquet wiotha good mix and interest. There is immediate fat on the attack, which sets off roundly; it has a supple, sudiste/southern heart with salted grip, the grip of Marsanne late on. The length is secure. 14°. 98% Marsanne, 2% Chardonnay. 3,500 b. 2020-21 Oct 2016

NV (2012)

steady yellow robe, legs; apricot-peach stewed fruits, compote air, with honey; the nose is nicely plump, shows cooked Bramley apple, dried fruits as well. The palate is appealingly round on the debut, shows light grain-spice touches. This has good, attractive fat for a simple wine, and extends on a Marsanne tang, orange marmalade. There is bonny gras on the exit. Suited to Asiatic cuisine. “It isn’t made to last long”, V Avril. Bottled Feb 2013. 2016-17  Nov 2013

NV (2011)

fair yellow. Honey-apricot aroma, with peach and licorice, has cut. The palate bears a joli gras, has a flan and peach flavour, the peach notable. It keeps going well. Has character, and grand content at the end, some heat. 13.5°. €9 at the cellars. Bottled Feb 2012. 2019-20  Dec 2012

NV (2009)

this is all 2009: honeycomb, hazelnut nose that is rich, has dashes of apricot in its fruit. The palate has a fine richness, a supple mid-moment that is nice. Rich, but also clear, beats a lot of white ôtes du Rhônes. Great kitchen supper wine, has lots of food possibilities. To 2014. Oct 2010