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The Wines

50-65% Grenache, 25-30% Syrah, 15-20% old Carignan, vineyards are 70% on Côtes du Rhône lands, 30% from Cairanne appellation, destemmed, plot by plot 3 week vinification at 26°C, part vat emptying/refilling at start, Grenache concrete vat, Syrah & Carignan concrete vat raised 9 months, unfined, filtered, has risen from 13-15,000 b to 24,000 b


dark red; the bouquet is confident, deep, has a well set aroma of raspberry, liqueur notions, a little sweet florality. This has a thick raspberry flavour, is really tasty, thorough, gives real bang for its buck. It persists well, has character, gives a lot of wine for a Côtes. The length is sturdy, while the degree hovers below the surface. This is VALUE at the cellars, €8. 14.5°. 50% Gren, 30% Syr, 20% Cari. 2026-27 March 2019

2013 ()

shiny, quite dark red. The nose comes forward, no hesitation – there is a meat stock, savoury air with its prune fruit aroma. The palate is compact, centres on black berry fruit with a crisp lining , ends with a menthol-like clarity. Good and genuine, great with beef. It goes long, successfully. 14°. To 2018  Jun 2015 Previously Apr 2015 *** dark red. The nose is right on the go, with a sunny, rather sweet face, a plump air of plum from its Grenache, a few touches of herbs. The palate is also genuine, based around its Grenache fruit that avoids excess pepperiness. A good, traditional Côtes du Rhône which is close to STGT, a wine for stews, pies, good home cooking. 14°. 50% Gren, 30% Syr, 20% Cari. To 2018  Apr 2015

2011 ()

quite a full red; the nose is restrained, with lurking airs of bacon, smoky raspberry fruit – it has its own harmony and subtlety, with definite depth likely to emerge. The palate has a ripely fruited start, is also restrained. It builds into olive, local fullness, some tar. There is attractive darkness in its fruit. The finish is good and complete. Genuine wine, good Rhône features. 14.5°. €3.20  2016-17  Oct 2012