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The Wines

50-100% Viognier (mid-1980s), 0-50% Clairette blanche (1970-1980s), has been 100% Viognier, from clay-limestone soils, fermented, raised 4-8 year 228-litre oak casks 6 months, malo completed, no lees stirring - “lees stirring would make the wine too heavy”, 50 mg SO2 applied, “drink with cooked fish, seafood, or as aperitif”, 4,500-5,200 b

2019 ()

yellow robe; pear-apricot mix on the nose, with a neat spot of sun and its ripeness central to it. The palate is ripe, fleshy, has a suave feel, is tasty and immediate, gives a floral, buttery close. It’s a wine of charm, ease. To 2022 Feb 2020

2018 ()

shiny yellow robe; The nose is rounded, has a nicely fat air, is on peach, white plums. The palate presents dried fruits, aniseed, is precise, comes with joli gras, relaxed fat. The length is sure. This is good, early drinking wine. Bottling end April 2019. To 2021 Feb 2019

2017 ()

pale robe. Joli fruit comes forward immediately on the nose; it’s led by pear, has a serene roundness, notes of apricot juice extra density. The palate holds cosy, round, squeezy content, comes with sweet notes, peach-pear flavours. The texture pleases. It is soft, floral, belle. 50% Vio, 50% Clair. To 2020 Feb 2018

2015 ()

firm yellow tinted robe. The nose is marked by ripe fruit, apricot notably, also peach and roasted nuts. The palate gives a compote of white fruits flavour, has dashes of lemon present. There is quiet grip on the understated, steady finish. It’s honest, has enough for la table. 13.5°. 4,500 b. €9.40. 50% Vio, 50% Clair. 2019-20  June 2016 Previously Feb 2016 ***(*) (casks) yellow robe, legs visible. Has a low-key nose – there is a baked note, with quince, large green Bramley apple. The palate also has Vin Nature style baked apple flavouring, slightly yeasty connotations, but pulls through into a steady stretch of enjoyable peach fruit. This needs another six months to come together, but has promise. 13°. From autumn 2016, until 2020-21  Feb 2016 


glinty pale yellow. Mandarin, bergamot, wax air that is nice and beckoning, has good, cool lines, shows a note of spring flowers. The palate starts on white fruit jam, holds a steady richness, and that texture takes over. Nice and fine, very drinkable, can do well for the aperitif. Has good early grip. Bottled two weeks ago. 13.5°. To 2017. March 2012

2008 ()

quite bright yellow. Honey, hazelnut, pear aroma, gentle flan body. A good ensemble of fruit and grip on the palate, which renders it clean overall. But it ends early, without fruit, narrows towards the finish. Now to 2011. 13.5°. “The best recent year for whites here – since 2005 they have become flat, pasty,” Michèle A-L. Nov 2009

2007 ()

yellow colour; the robe is a bit heavy – pear, melted butter, sappy aspect in it. The palate is in between – it isn`t really stamped with flavour, is a bit nondescript. Perhaps there is vanilla on the finish. The length is fair. Needs food – is excellent with truffles, a dish that renders the wine lighter and clearer. 14°. To 2013. Nov 2008 Previously June 2008 **(*) off white, pear colour; restricted nose – it is closed, though there is potential content, a little almond in the air. There is a rather clear strike of fruit on the attack – traces of apricot, and fine bone here. It has been just bottled, so is dumb. The length is sound, and it ends quietly broad. Don't give up on this – if drunk soon, decant it. It has body and some potential – there is finesse in its matter. Likely to be *** around mid-2009. 14°. June 2008