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LVT 2015 r Nicolas’ father Gérard was chef of vineyard culture at Guigal for 15 years, having started at de Vallouit, working their Côte-Rôtie vineyards. Nicolas is tending the family’s fourth generation vineyards. Apart from four casks for family consumption, the rest of the crop was sold to Guigal. Nicolas worked on the vines in his holidays, his job being an electrician working on high wires after snow and wind damage. His uncle André died after a long illness, with his daughter not interested in taking over, which is what led Nicolas to “have a go” in 2014, “the summer when it rained 200 mm (8 inches) in the summer”. From November 2016, a new cellar is being built. His wife Oriane works at Les Vins de Vienne.

The Côte-Rôties come from Les Grandes Places, and both they and the Vin de Pays are good, authentic wines.

370 chemin du Gros Chêne Le Lacat 69420 Ampuis

Tel: +33(0)7 82 24 36 68


Countries exported to:1) South Korea