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LVT 2017 r 2008 wh Archetype of the grower who is outside the loop: Jean-Michel tries to be organic at every turn - vineyard and cellar. Hence very low sulphur use, and as a follower of Jules Chauvet from the Beaujolais, ferments some of his wines with carbonic maceration. When on the button, the wines carry excellent fruit; they benefit from decanting. They are expensive, but full of interest. These come from mainly southern sector sources, so there is an intrinsic elegance about them. The 2013 Coteaux de Tupin is STGT wine, costing €75. The Vieilles Vignes en Coteau has been made, and is very good, in 2015 - the first vintage since another very good 2011.

From 2015 there is also a small cuvée from the mica-schist soils of Verenay in the northern sector, called La So'Brune. Jean-Michel also grows organic apricots. He used to make a good Condrieu which ceased after 2008 when the vineyard could no longer be borrowed. His son Romain, 21 years in November 2018, has done wine studies at Belleville.

Jean-Michel, son Romain 1 ancienne route de Semons 69420 Tupin et Semons

Tel: +33(0)474 56 62 66


Countries exported to:1) USA 2) Norway 3) Denmark 4) Singapore - before 1) USA 2) Norway (Andy Douglas, Vectura) 3) Denmark 4) Japan 5) Hong Kong/Singapore (La Cabane Avan

Percentage Exported: 60% (up from 45% mid-200s)

British Importers: OW Loeb & Co Ltd, 3 Archie Street, off Tanner Street, London SE1 3JT, +44(0)207 234 0385, finewine@owloeb.com www.owloeb.com

USA Importers: Martin Scott Wines Ltd, 1981 Marcus Avenue Suite E117, Lake Success, NY 11042, +1516 327 0808, www.martinscottwines.com , Jeff Wildburn, Hollywood, California Regal Wine Imports John O’Neill 2 Commerce Drive suite 3 Moorestown NJ 08057 +1856 985 6388 www.regalwine.com info@regalwine.com