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LVT 2016  r  2015 wh  A domaine on the march under nephew Maxime Gourdain (pictured), with an impressive set of 2013s to 2016s - there are now three wines instead of just one. The plot-specific Besset from the north end of the appellation at Verenay started out in impressive fashion in 2013, and has been either **** or ****(*) from then until 2016. In the past Rosiers has been an unpretentious, middle-plus rank Côte-Rôtie, marked by traditional winemaking, submerged cap rather than punching down during fermentation. Gradual updating of casks here has been a good sign. Around 35% of the wine is sold to merchants from the southern Rhône. The domaine is best in the good years, but I detect gradually improving wines here of real authenticity. From 2014 there has been a small amount of Condrieu following a vineyard swap with Vignobles Chirat at Condrieu. Nephew Maxime has been in charge of the domaine since May 2013; he is Louis’ sister Huguette’s son, and studied at Mâcon Davayé. He did training stints in Savoie, Beaujolais and chez Jean-Michel Gérin.

Maxime Gourdain, uncle Louis Drevon 3 rue des Moutonnes 69420 Ampuis

Tel: +33(0)474 56 11 38


Countries exported to:1) Switzerland 2) Belgium 3) USA – before was 1) Belgium 2) Japan 3) GB

Percentage Exported: 10% down from 15%+

British Importers: Germany: Finkenweine Dr Lutz Krämer Kaulbachstr.6 14612 Falkensee +49 3322 232501 +49 177 7191700 www.finkenweine.de info@finkenweine.de