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The Wines

100% Grenache blanc (1950s), from sandy, sea fossil soils on Cristia, fermented, raised new oak casks 8 months

2010 ()

even yellow, legs down the glass. Shows fine toasting from its oak; there is underlying richness in the bouquet, which displays peach-apricot fruit within. The palate is more obviously sturdy, complete. The oak is still finding its way, especially after the mid-palate. Its acidity is fine, and can all develop steadily as a whole. Banana and peach implications lead, then merge into flan and aniseed afternotes. High grade white Châteauneuf, that will be stylish. Good for dishes such as halibut, turbot, clear sauced, reduction sauces dishes. 13.5°. 2022-24 Feb 2012


yellow tones; ample, buxom aroma that bears sappy power, is quite heavy, comes with a brown sugar curve. Flan and apricot flavour leads the palate, white raisin alongside: this is a bonny ensemble infused with oak that leaves a banana flambé aftertaste. The juice is rather refined – it is a stylish, textured wine. The oak has been used constructively, and it helps the wine`s length, which is good. I prefer the palate to the nose, but the nose can settle and become more poised with time. From 2010-11. 2020-23 Nov 2008