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The Wines

98% 1979 Marsanne, 2% Viognier, vat fermented, raised 7 months, malo completed, 800-900 b - the last vintage is 2007, being replanted due to Marsanne wood illness

2007 ()

sadly the last year of this wine – “there is a lot of wood illness on the Marsanne vines, and we are converting the vineyard to Syrah,” Pierre Clape. Banana, baked apple, wide aroma, has a comfortable air, also shows ripe pineapple. Pretty early fruit sets the palate going – it is broad, and runs directly from half way. Ends firmly for now. Solid wine, good length. 2013-14. “This has matter, a bit of honey,” August Clape. Food best – it can be fine as an aperitif when drunk young, “when it is older, charcuterie, cheese would be good,” Pierre Clape. Bottled end April 2008. Dec 2008. 600 b this year.

2006 ()

nutty, pear tinted aroma, with peach also – is sound in shape. The palate mixes honeycomb, white fruits, hazelnut, with a good gain in richness as it goes. This has character. 2012-13 860 b this year. Dec 2007 Previously June 2007 **(*) ripe, typical Marsanne combo of honey and hazelnut on the bouquet. Fresh, but overall rounded attack, this moves well along the palate. Clear-cut finish. Drinks well now, with a good mix of freshness and richness. Nice chewy end, a well-made wine. Can live to 2011-12 and show different tones, but great drinking now, young. STGT wine. In bottle 6 weeks. June 2007

2005 ()

(pre-bottle) apple, fresh aroma, some pear also. Lurking richness on palate, can be wide and long. Sprinkling of end spice. Wine that requires food rather than aperitif. April 2006